Andar Bahar: Best Online Cash Games In India

There are a number of online cash games in India but only a select few hold mass appeal in the land of 1.3 billion people. The games that are the most popular are usually games that have their roots in the Indian subcontinent or are specifically customized towards the preferences of Indian players.

One game that stands out is the Andar Bahar card game. This real card game originated in the southern part of the Indian subcontinent (Bangalore, Karnataka) and then spread far and wide throughout the country. The popularity of the Andar Bahar card game can be understood by the fact that many international online casinos now carry Andar Bahar real cash games.

You can play Andar Bahar online for real cash and win money. This card game consists of 50/50 odds. The cards are dealt and divided into two sides. Due to this division or the fact that two sides are built, the card game is also called Katti (division or building) in India. This review explains in detail the rules associated with Andar Bahr real money game, where to play it, game variants, and how to start playing Andar Bahar online.

Top Online Casino Sites To Play Andar Bahar

CasinoWings has spent a lot of time researching and shortlisting the best Andar Bahar casinos for our readers. We use a strict vetting process to ensure that online licensed and regulated online casinos feature on our recommended list of Andar Bahar casinos.

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Andar Bahar Game Rules

If you have never tried out this game and are wondering about the Andar Bahar casino game rules, keep reading as we will give you a simple but detailed breakdown of how to play Andar Bahar. Our first recommendation is to play this game at a reputable online casino, to ensure you get a fair game. You will only find licensed and reputed online Andar Bahar games at CasinoWings featured online casinos, so you can choose one from the casinos listed above.

Once you have decided upon a good casino, you need to remember the following Andar Bahar casino game rules:

  • A dealer starts with a deck of 52 cards.
  • Before dealing begins, you are required to choose your betting spot and amount.
  • Betting spots are divided into two – the left side is called ‘Andar’ and the right one is called ‘Bahar’. You have to choose the side you are going to bet on. Remember that you can choose only one side out of Andar and Bahar.
  • The dealer begins by placing a card (face-up) on the table, which is called ‘House’ card. You have to place a wager on which pile (Andar or Bahar) a card with the same value will appear.
  • Once you have decided your betting spot, the dealer deals a specific number of cards out of the deck.
  • There are two ways to arrange the cards.
  • First Way: If the first card is a Spade or Club (Black), it is placed on the left side (Andar). If it is a Heart or Diamond (Red), it is placed on the right side (Bahar).
  • Second Way: The dealer deals as per the house card. If the house card is Black, the first card is placed on the Andar side. If it is Red, the first card is placed on the Bahar side.
  • All cards are arranged like this until a card with the same face value as the house card shows up.
  • If this card ends on the side you selected, you win the bet. However, if your card ends up on the other side, you lose the bet.

Payout and Odds

The odds of winning a game of Andar Bahar online is always 50/50. The winning card may or may not land on the side you chose to bet on. However, once you play the game a few times, you will find that the odds are closer to being 51/49 than 50/50. This is because the side which was dealt with the first card has the advantage of getting the winning card earlier.

Since the chance of winning the game relies a bit more on where the first card will land, an Andar Bahar game has payouts that reflect this probability. If the winning card appears on the side where the first card was dealt, the payout is 90%. If the card appears on the side where the first card was not dealt, the payout is 100%. As a result, the Andar Bahar house edge is 5% or less – depending on where the winning card appears.

For example, you bet 100 INR and chose the Andar side. If the first card is dealt on the Andar side and you win the bet, you will get a 90% payout of 190 INR (100 INR bet + 90 INR win). If you chose Andar and the first card is dealt on the Bahar side, and you still win the bet, you will get a 100 % payout of 200 INR (100 INR bet + 100 INR win).

Side Bets

An Andar Bahar real cash game also includes side betting options that add to the intrigue of this card game. Apart from betting on which side the winning card will land, you can also bet on other aspects of the game like: which suit will the house card belong to, what number will it be, whether the lead card will be above a certain range of numbers or below it, and more. You can find these betting options by selecting the chip amount and then clicking on the card.

We found that side bets generally have three options. These are:

  • Number of Cards Dealt

    You can bet on how many cards will be dealt in a round. These bets are placed on blocks of 5 cards (1-5, 6-10, 26-30, among others). The win amount is greater on higher blocks (the block ‘41 or more’ gets a payout of 120x).

  • Color of House Card

    You can bet on whether the house card will be black or red (payout = 1.9x) or turn it up a notch by selecting a specific suit (payout = 3.8x).

  • Value of the Card

    You can also bet on the card’s value. If a card’s value is ‘2-7’ or ‘9-Ace’, the payout is 2x. If it is 8, the payout is 12x.

Live Casino Andar Bahar

You can play Andar Bahar real cash game in two formats – Online & Live. In the online version, you play alone on an electronic game against an automatic dealer. If you win the round, the payout comes to you. If you lose, the payout is kept by the casino. In an Andar Bahar live casino, you play with a human dealer who deals live via a live stream on screen. You can chat with the dealer just like you would in a land-based casino and compete with other players to win the game.

If you decide to play at an Andar Bahar live casino, you need to ensure that you have a strong internet connection. This is because you don’t want to have your live stream disconnect or buffer during a critical moment in the game. The exclusive 10CRIC private Andar Bahar live table, for example, can be a very exciting experience because it gives you an experience that is very similar to playing at a brick & mortar casino.

Game Variants

Many Andar Bahar game providers offer different versions of the card game. Some of the top vendors that make quality Andar Bahar games include Ezugi, OneTouch, Super Spade and X-Pro.  We give you a peak into what you can expect when you play Andar Bahar games from these providers.

  • Ezugi: Ezugi’s version of the game is simply called ‘Andar Bahar’ and allows you to wager between 50 INR and 1,00,000 INR, respectively. This game is only available as a live version and was among the first ones to introduce a side betting feature in the industry.
  • OneTouch: This software provider offers a simplified version of the game, where you play online with a computer. If you win the round, the money is deposited into your lot. If you lose, the online casino retains these funds.
  • Super Spade: Super Spade Gaming is an Indian developer that offers both online gaming and live betting. On the Super Spade’s version, you can place bets between 50 INR and 2,00,000 INR.
  • X-Pro Gaming: Also called XPG, this provider offers a live dealer version of the Andar Bahar game. Bets range between 50 INR and 10,000 INR and you can chat with both the dealer and other players while enjoying this card game.

English vs. Hindi Andar Bahar

Most of the real money Andar Bahar games are in English. This is because most developers like to keep their costs down and go with English. However, many Indian players find it off-putting to play a game that originated in their country in a foreign language. A number of online casinos have recognized this issue and have come up with a better alternative.

This new alternative came in the form of live casinos that offer the option to enjoy Andar Bahar in Hindi. You can now play the card game at many live casinos in Hindi. Ezugi and Evolution Gaming led the way by offering Hindi live dealer Andar Bahar games. These providers introduced the concept of having a dealer who communicates to players in Hindi and other providers quickly followed suit.

This move was brilliant as it led to Hindi speaking players being more open to try online gaming. Now, a large number of casinos offer Andar Bahar in Hindi for all Indian players. These Hindi tables offer Andar Bahar real cash gaming in the same vein as English tables. The only difference being the language spoken by the live dealer.

Apps & Mobile Play

There are many online casinos that allow you to play the Andar Bahar card game; however, it is important to address the fact that due to the busy nature of life, many players find it difficult to keep playing their favorite card game regularly. To make it easier for players to enjoy Andar Bahar, nearly all mobile casinos offer Andar Bahar game download options. These come in the form of mobile apps, which you can download and then enjoy the Andar Bahar card game while on the move.

The Andar Bahar real money app will not take up a lot of disk space on your mobile device. The Andar Bahar app is easy to install and will allow you to play on the go while traveling, during work breaks, on vacations and whenever you have any downtime. If you really enjoy this card game, then download an Andar Bahar real cash app and get access to your favorite card game whenever you want.

Tricks for winning the Andar Bahar casino game

Since Andar Bahar real money game is based purely on luck, many players do not have any Andar Bahar game strategy and leave everything to luck. However, there are some Andar Bahar tricks that you can use to ensure that you have a better chance of winning a round of an Andar Bahar online game.

Some of the Andar Bahar cards game tricks you can learn are listed below:

  • Practice playing the game: Before you can start winning, you must educate yourself about the ins and outs of this game. You can do so by buying a deck of cards and practicing at home by playing with your family. You can also read online articles about Andar Bahar real money game. There are loads of tutorial style videos on YouTube as well.
  • Manage your budget: No trick will help you if you go over-budget while playing. Therefore, it is necessary to spread out your bets on both sides to reserve higher odds of winning.
  • Familiarize yourself with winning odds and payouts: There is no point playing a game if you do not take into consideration the payout you will receive and the odds of winning. It is, therefore, beneficial to properly study the odds and payouts associated with the game before you place your bet. This is the best way for you to learn how to win Andar Bahar game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Yes, you can win real money cash prizes by playing the Andar Bahar online game. The game is available to play for real money at a number of online casinos. You can simply play online or choose a live table to play at. To start playing an online Andar Bahar game, you need to create a gaming account on an online casino. You can do your own research or choose the ones mentioned in this article.

  • An Andar Bahar online game begins when the dealer shuffles the deck and puts a random card face up on the table. This card is called a House card or ‘Joker’. This is called joker because it decides the flow of the game. The winning card is the one that matches the value of the joker card. Apart from that, the joker card itself decides the result of several side bets, where players bet on what would be the joker card’s color (black or red) and value (2-7, 8, 9-Ace).

  • Andar Bahar is a Hindi word that points to two opposing sides. In earlier versions of the game, when it was played off-line, the dealer used to put cards in two separate rows. The first one was called ‘Andar’ (meaning inside in Hindi) as it was towards the dealer (towards the inside of the House card). The second one was called ‘Bahar’ (outside) as it was towards the player (outside of House card). However in the online version, the left side is called Andar and the right one is called Bahar.

  • Yes, many online casinos offer you bonuses for playing Andar Bahar. These bonuses can come in the form of a welcome bonus, match deposit bonus, cashback offers and VIP rewards. Our featured list of Andar Bahar casinos gives you an option to enjoy all of these bonuses.



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