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Playing the lottery is one of the most popular activities in India, with millions playing each and every week. Now you can gain access to an even wider variety of quality lottery games from all over the world, simply by playing online lottery in India. CasinoWings shows you how!

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Why Play Online Lottery in India?

The traditional way of playing lottery in India has become outdated due to major advances in technology, including internet websites. This means that Indians no longer have to worry about finding a local lottery ticket seller in order to enjoy top lottery games, they can simply do it online. In fact, not only is playing lottery online easier, faster and more convenient, you can instantly access a host of international online lottery sites too.

There are many drawbacks to the traditional lottery ticket system. For one, not everyone lives within easy distance to lottery ticket sellers. It is also not always safe to walk around with purchased lottery tickets in certain areas, which is why more and more Indian lottery players are now switching over to Indian lottery and other lottery games online.

One should also keep in mind that the Indian state lottery games only offer winnings in INR, whereas playing international lotteries online will payout in USD or EUR.

How to Play Online Lottery in India

To play Indian lottery online, you will need to set up your own online lottery account. You will need this in order to select and purchase all of your future lottery tickets. CasinoWings recommends a number of safe and reliable online lottery sites for Indian players.

Once signed up, simply select your preferred lottery game and purchase your tickets via one of the convenient payment options provided. You will receive a receipt for your lottery tickets sent to your email address, as well as draw notifications, winners and other useful bits of lottery information.

What is the Best Online Lottery Site in India?

The lottery online industry in India is growing bigger and bigger each month, as more and more Indians discover the safety and convenience of simply choosing their lottery tickets online. However, as with any online industry, you’ll find plenty of good sites and just as many not so good ones. How do you know which lottery sites you can trust and which ones you should avoid?

There are a number of ways in which you can go about finding the best online lottery in India. One way is to open a number of different online lottery accounts and go by trial and error. However, this is often fraught with danger and not recommended. For the best results in the quickest time invested, selecting recommended lottery sites from CasinoWings is the ideal approach to take.

CasinoWings uses the same selection criteria for both local online lottery India sites and international lottery platforms, as they do for their online casino sites. This includes looking at safety and security, licensing and reputation, customer service, payment options and payout speeds, and the selection of lottery games available.

Playing Free Online Lottery in India

One of the biggest perks to playing lottery online is that you can play free online lottery for real money in India! Top lottery sites often offer free tickets to players that sign up, as a way to promote lotteries online. There are many great sites that offer free online lottery, both for local lottery draws as well as various international lottery draws.

All that you have to do to claim your free lottery online tickets, is to simply create you own online lottery profile. You can then enjoy your online lottery free play from dozens of different lottery games.

Online Lottery FAQ

  • Yes, you do. In India, lottery winnings are taxable under the Indian Tax Act 1961. You will be required to pay up to 30% Income Tax on your lottery winnings.

  • Whether it is a local lottery or an international lottery, the same basic process applies. Find a good (recommended) online lottery site, purchase your lottery tickets, choose your lucky numbers, and enter the draw. After that, it’s a matter of crossing your fingers!

  • Our recommended online lottery sites for India offer a variety of convenient and safe payment options for making withdrawals of your lottery winnings. In most cases, you can simply link your bank account to your lottery account to make easy withdrawals of your winnings.



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