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Live casino blackjack takes one of the most popular card games in the world to a whole new level. Thanks to modern web technology and live streaming, blackjack fans in India can combine the same level of excitement that visiting a real casino brings, with the convenience and safety of playing online at home, or on the go via mobile.

In this quick reference guide, we show you how you can now enjoy live blackjack in India!

Play Blackjack Online

Find the Best Online Casino for Live Blackjack in India

For anyone interesting in playing live blackjack in India, finding the best blackjack live casino is absolutely vital to a happy and successful experience. This starts with considerable research into different online casino operators that now offer live blackjack to Indian players.

However, since there are now so many options of where to play live blackjack online available, the amount of time it would take to do the necessary research into each one, is simply unrealistic for most players. This is where CasinoWings can be an absolute necessity in finding the safest and most up to date live blackjack casino.

How does CasinoWings do it?

Our online casino with live blackjack review and selection criteria includes:

  • Licensing through a recognised regulatory body
  • Safety and security features
  • Live blackjack bonuses and promotions
  • Quality of customer support
  • Range of other casino games, including live games, slots etc.
  • Payment options for Indian players
  • Payout speed and convenience

How to play live casino blackjack

Here’s what’s really nice about live casino blackjack – it works in exactly the same way as other forms of blackjack such as virtual blackjack (AI blackjack) or brick and mortar casino blackjack. You’ll find that, with the vast majority of live blackjack games, the gameplay and the rules are the same or very similar.

To play the online blackjack live version, simply visit your online casino’s live dealer page, pick out a game of blackjack and grab your ‘seat’ at the table. You’ll find that all of the controls that you may have used with virtual blackjack are there, such as chip size and betting options like hitting or standing.

Live casino blackjack rules

As mentioned previously, live casino blackjack rules are more or less the same as other forms of blackjack rules such as virtual blackjack or brick and mortar casino blackjack.

The essential live casino blackjack rules include:

  • 1


    Each player receives two initial cards – both face up.

    After every player at the live blackjack table gets their two cards, the dealer also deals two cards to their own position – usually one face up and one face down (the hole card).

  • 2

    Three choices

    Each player then has a turn to make their bets and utilize certain betting options, these include:

    – Hitting (asking for additional cards)
    – Standing (keeping the card total in hand)
    – Splitting (creating two separate bets from a two-card hand of the same value e.g.: two 8’s, aces etc.)

  • 3

    Grand final

    The objective of blackjack is reach a total score of 21 or score a higher card total than the dealer.

    In most live blackjack games, the dealer must draw until 16 and stand on 17.

What About Live Blackjack Strategies?

There are two live blackjack strategies that have been around for decades that can be used online. These are:

  • Basic Blackjack Strategy: This is a strategy chart that guides you to the correct responses based on the total value of your two cards + the dealer’s face up card value.
  • Card Counting: Online live casino blackjack card counting works by assigning certain values to the cards in a deck. This allows you to know how many high value cards remain in a deck.

More than any other, the Basic Blackjack Strategy has proven to be most useful in most live blackjack game scenarios, since in live casinos cards are being shuffled very frequently which renders card counting useless.

Popular Live Blackjack Variants

One of the biggest advantages to playing live blackjack is the sheer number of great live blackjack variants that you will find. This allows you to try different blackjack games at the same casino, under a single user account.

Popular live blackjack variants include:

  • Live Blackjack Party –This live blackjack variant features a fun party atmosphere and features unlimited number of players, Side bets and Bet Behind options.
  • Live VIP Blackjack – This is one for all the high rollers out there. Enjoy high stakes in an opulent casino atmosphere.

Live Blackjack Side Bet Basics

Live casino blackjack side bets are an addition to certain standard live blackjack games designed to add more interest and fun to the standard bet. As the name suggests, side bets are made outside of the standard bet that you make while playing. For an extra wager, you can place a side bet on the cards that you may be dealt during the round.

Popular live casino blackjack side bets include:

  • 21 + 3: Works on a combination of your two face up cards + the dealer’s face up card and comes with various poker-style bet options.
  • Perfect Pairs: Bet on whether you get two of the same cards.
  • Insurance: Insurance bet against the dealer having 21 if the dealer face up card is an ace.

Live Blackjack vs. Virtual Blackjack – Which is Best for You?

Live Blackjack

  • Get the excitement and atmosphere of a real casino
  • Interact with the blackjack live dealer and other players
  • Very exciting and highly immersive
  • Play for real money only
  • Play on PC or mobile

Virtual Blackjack

  • No need to wait for a seat at the table to open
  • Play for free at any time
  • Ideal if you prefer playing alone
  • No time limit on making betting decisions
  • Play on PC or mobile

Live Blackjack FAQ

  • Unfortunately not. Live blackjack can only be played for real money due to the nature of the game format. Live online blackjack is just like visiting a real brick and mortar casino, where you cannot play at the table for free.

  • No, at least not at reputable online casinos or from reputable software providers. Live blackjack games use multiple camera angles plus decks that are shuffled at regular intervals in full view of all the players.

  • Yes, you can. Most live blackjack variants are now available for mobile play, thanks to advances in mobile streaming technology. You can enjoy great live blackjack anywhere you like, on smartphone or on tablet.



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