About Casino Wings

Your flying friend in the jungle of online casinos

Casino Wings was created by three happy, casino-loving lads from Stockholm. The idea was created during a beer influenced summer night on the beautiful island of Malta, known to many as an online casino metropole. Despite the idea being in a fantasy state, it quickly became clear that what they came up with was something to develop and drive forward.

It just happened to be the case that the three friends had the skill set, experience and motivation to create something really different and awesome. There was a gap in the market for a website with accurate and relevant data about casinos online. The goal was to help our users find a casino that suits their specific needs, tailor made after personal requirements. The vision was to make it simple and fun, but also to get rid of fine prints and to be on the customer side of the casino spectrum.

The result was a flying friend helping you to find your way in the jungle of online casinos out there – a result that will put a smile on your face.

Would you like to collaborate with Casino Wings, or perhaps just ask a question? You can always contact these social guys by sending an email to [email protected]. The company behind Casino Wings is called Tahoba Ltd.

The team behind Casino Wings

Andreas Holmsten

Andreas has a lot of experience within the casino sector. He´s worked with major casinos and was is one of the founders of Casino Wings.

Sebastian Tafvelin

Sebastian has a long background within web design and UX. One of the founders of Casino Wings.

Robert Banström

Robert has been working with e-commerce and digital marketing for as long as he can remember. Is one of the co-founders.