New Casinos for 2019

New casino sites appear online almost constantly and each of them has their own unique way of trying to draw us in.

There are new casino sites with free spins, those with no deposit required and some with attractive looking sign-up bonuses and it’s our task to keep you informed of all the best deals on the new casino sites in the UK.

Here we’ll summarise for you any new casino we’re aware of, what offers you can expect, what free bonuses there are and how we determine what is or is not a good new casino to join.

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New Casino Operators with a UK License

Online casinos, especially new slot sites, appear regularly on the market but you want to be sure they are properly regulated before you risk any of your cash.

Although new casinos online can be founded elsewhere and often by already existent gambling corporations, they can be granted a license to trade in the UK as long as they are within the correct boundaries of compliance.  Be aware though, not every new casino that is able to advertise its wares in the UK is licensed!

With that in mind, here’s a quick list of the new casino brands popping up for 2019 that do hold a valid UK license either individually, or as a subsidiary of a larger company:

  • Aspers
  • Casimba
  • Casino Joy
  • Casumo
  • Karamba
  • Magical Vegas
  • PlayOJO
  • Regal Wins

One slight note of caution here; although we are not here to tell you to avoid any of these sites as the UK Gambling Commission is still willing to honour valid licenses to all of the above, but the owner of Aspers, Magical Vegas and Regal Wins was given a warning and a £7.1million fine in 2018 for breaches of their license which is a slight concern.

Standard New Casino Offers

New casino offers are generally so much more appealing than those we see on sportsbooks, with 100% deposit matches of anything up to £500 spotted on some of the new casino sites UK wide, complimented by anything from 50 – 175 free spins for new slot sites.

Some sites, like playojo for example, concentrate only on giving out free spins, just 50 in their case, and do not offer a tangible cash bonus for signing up.  Others however are offering 100% sign-up bonuses to a certain amount and in some cases giving out free spins too: Regal Wins (£200), Casumo (£300 + 20 spins), Karamba (£500 + 100 spins), Casino Joy (£200 + 200 spins) and Aspers (£200 + 100 spins).

One of the other new kids on the block, Casimba, has upped their deposit bonus to 200% up to £500 + 50 spins but what we’re hoping for is to see more cross-lobby bonuses, such as different offers for poker, sportsbook and bingo for example.

While a lot of the established casinos are doing just this, it’s a little early in the year perhaps and not many of the new boys are giving away anything more than a sign-up bonus just now.

Fair Wagering Requirements

It’s great to receive a new casino deposit bonus but more often than not these can come with pretty strict wagering requirements.

For the uninitiated, a wagering requirement basically means the casino requires you to bet a number of times or bet a certain amount before being allowed to make a withdrawal in cash.  So, say for example your new casino offers you up to £200 as a bonus but it comes with a 10 x wagering requirement, this means you will need to have gambled a grand total of £2000, win lose or draw, before you may withdraw any real money.

So what’s a fair requirement?  Given that some go 10 x and some even go 20 x your deposit and bonus amount, we have to just accept that usually the ‘rollover requirement’ as it is sometimes known is going to happen.  Lots of times sites will offer a 5 x requirement though which is a good level to aim at.

True, the system is in place to protect casinos from people who sign-up only to attempt to beat the system, but we should not be essentially forced to keep playing when we have genuinely made gains.  Look out for any sites offering no wagering requirement at all – they are rare, but they exist and currently playojo is offering this deal.

New Slot Sites with No Deposit Free Spins

Ah, the rare beast that is the no deposit free spin casino!  As a way to attract new customers, brand new casinos will often use this tactic and it’s a genuine one.  The slots are random and therefore you have just as much chance of winning with your free spins as you do with real cash, so always take advantage.

This sort of new casino offer is intended to allow you to get used to the system and to play without risking your own cash before committing.  Sometimes it can be done after registration and other times it can be done without entering any personal details at all.

Naturally however if you win anything with your free spins, you will have to have an account with the casino to be able to eventually claim your winnings and of course you will have to have gambled more in the meantime as there has to be a strict wagering requirement attached to this sort of offer to protect the casino.

Free Sign-Up Bonus at New Casino Sites

Ordinary 100% matched bonuses cannot be described as free because, well obviously you have to commit real cash to your account in order to get it.

Some no deposit bonus features do exist with new casinos online though and they work by casinos offering you a certain amount to play with completely free, say £10 in some cases, though of course they can cap how much you win and as always employ a wagering requirement.

Any free sign-up or no deposit bonus offered by a new casino is simply a small welcome gift in cash making it possible for newly registered players to experience the casino.  This is the most popular way for new sites to generate custom and, as long as you aren’t expecting to bet with thousands, it’s a good way too for you to check out what a new entity has to offer.

Ranking Factors for Determining Best New Casino Sites

It’s clear and obvious that we need to be conscientious when picking a new casino to bet with as we don’t want to simply throw our hard earned cash at any old website.  They key question for many new players though is how do we determine what makes a casino good and trustworthy?  Here are some simple steps to take:

  • Make sure you read independent reviews online – the reviewers have nothing to gain by simply endorsing the casino unless it really is up to scratch.
  • Check that any new casino sites have valid licenses – this can be done by visiting the UK Gambling Commission online.
  • Pick a casino with a solid new customer bonus – the less reputable firms will not be able to offer this.
  • Check that the site is secure – if it is, they will have a valid up-to-date SSL Data Encryption certificate listed directly on their website.
  • Check their suppliers – top casino software providers such as NetEnt, Evolution and Playtech supply the biggest casinos and so if yours is using the same technology you can expect great game play with no faults.
  • Does the new casino have readily available customer support? – if so, they are usually credible.

Advantages of Signing Up To an Account at a New Casino

We will always encourage you not to hurry into signing up for a new casino until you’re sure you know everything you need to, especially if you don’t want to register for multiple accounts.

The new player bonus is strictly limited to one player per household, email address or bank card so once you’ve joined up, you’ll never get that chance again!  With this in mind, picking a new casino deposit bonus that gives you a great return is a huge bonus which can, if you’re lucky, start you off in just the right way.

Free spins on the slots could mean a big win for investing nothing at all and by signing up online you have the freedom to play your favourite slots or table games whenever you like and in the comfort of your own home – something the land-based casinos simply cannot match.

Remember; where brand new casinos are concerned the onus is on them to offer you great deals to get you playing.  Without these great offers, you may as well stick to your current casino so there are definitely good bonuses to take advantage of.

Disadvantages of Signing Up

When information is hard to come by on a new casino or you are not yet sure of their reputation within the industry, the temptation will always be there to stick to the larger, well known casinos.

While it’s true that new casinos feel the need to offer great bonuses to new customers to get them interested, they can’t always afford to offer huge cash amounts or take the risk on creating good VIP programs and such like and so this remains the domain of the big brands.

You will already know without checking that the very biggest casinos on the market are reputable, have the best technology and the best customer service available and so you would always be forgiven for sticking with them.


We all have differing requirements when it comes to choosing any casino, let alone a brand new one, but some things should remain constant and should not be compromised on.

The variants of the below you look for will depend on how you like to play – slots v table games, free spins vs bonus cash, online customer service vs telephone operators etc etc.  As a minimum though, do make sure you perform the below checks before committing real cash to a new casino:

  • Are they licensed?
  • Is their bonus is worth your time?
  • Is their security up to date?
  • Do they offer good customer service?
  • Do they have the games you want to play?
  • Have you read any independent reviews?
  • Are they using leading software providers?
  • Have you checked their deposit and withdrawal fees?


  • What should I do if I can’t find any licensing information about a new casino?
    Simply don’t use them.  All licenses issues by the UK Gambling Commission are easy to find on their website, and so if they are not genuinely registered in the UK your money may not be protected.
  • Should I always accept a new player bonus?
    Not necessarily.  If you believe the wagering requirement to be too restrictive you may want to forgo the bonus and simply play with your own cash, this way if you win you will be able to withdraw the money as and when you see fit.
  • How do I check whether or not their customer service is good?
    Firstly you can see what their operating hours are and how easy it is to get in touch.  Very good casinos will have a live chat system meaning you can get written answers to any queries instantly.  Try asking a few questions, perhaps about bonuses, before you commit to the casino to test them out.
  • How do I know if a new casino has the type of games I want to play?
    If the casino doesn’t let you see their array of games then don’t join, they should have nothing to hide.  More often than not you will be able to click through their library of table games and slots without having signed up first.
  • How do I know what the deposit and withdrawal times and fees are?
    They should have these easily accessible on the site and if not, don’t join.  You can also try asking the customer service team direct what their rules are on deposits and withdrawals.

Why Choose for New Casinos?

Here at we want to offer honest, independent new casino reviews in order to help you stay safe and enjoy your new casino experience.

Any casino brands we mention or endorse will be licensed in the UK by the Gambling Commission and can therefore be trusted.  We are experts in our field and we do not deal with any scam sites or any scam ads which can potentially ruin your game playing.