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Given that competition is rife within the online casino world, gambling companies generally seem to think the only feasible way to attract new customers is to offer bigger and bigger bonus amounts but these bonuses always come with a familiar catch – the big wagering requirement.

These are set to stop you withdrawing cash from the account for a set time, in their eyes usually by which you’ll have gambled the money away anyway.  Luckily for us, an increasing number of casinos are offering low or zero wagering requirements with some offers and we are here to help you find them.

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Casino Wagering Explained

Naturally and fairly enough, casinos have to look after their profits so while they want to offer big bonuses especially to new players, they need to ensure the system can’t be abused.

So, when offering you a £100 bonus when you sign up and deposit £100 of your own, to stop you simply withdrawing the £200 as cash with a nice profit they insist on a ‘wagering requirement’ or ‘rollover’.  These can be set at different amounts, say 10 x, meaning that you cannot withdraw money as cash until you have gambling ten times the deposit and bonus amount in total.

So, if you started with £200 including a bonus, you in this case will need to place bets to a grand total of £2000 before you can withdraw whatever is in your account and this is something that has caught out many a new online casino player, particularly those who feel they should be able to withdraw something as part of the amount was their own cash to begin with.

No Wagering Requirements

Although it is still unfortunately a rare beast, the no wagering requirement deal does exist and it simply means that after joining a casino and potentially receiving some sort of offer, there is no requirement and no rollover before you can withdraw cash.

Whenever you deposit cash with an online casino, no wagering requirements are the golden ticket meaning anything you win right off the bat is yours.  There will be no need to worry about terms and conditions in a no wagering casino and it gives you absolute control over your gambling and when you want to cash out.

No wagering casino bonuses aren’t always for new players, in fact sometimes it’s about trust.  As a player who has used a casino before and given them custom, you will often be given a chance of wagering-free bonuses by returning to the site to play games after a break.

Low Wagering Requirements

Sometimes we just have to meet in the middle, don’t we?  High wagering requirements are a blight on this industry whereas zero wagering often means no bonus at all.  With a low wagering casino however we can take a standard bonus; free spins, 50% or 100% deposit match etc, and be able to cash out much sooner than before.

Often what would be described as a low wagering requirement would be something like a 5 x rollover, meaning if you started with £100 then you’d need to bet £500 in total before cashing out.  This is pretty good for a modern day online casino but lately we have seen even better deals.

From time to time, some casinos are rolling out deals such as 1 x wagering requirement on certain bonuses and on certain games, meaning if the game is to your liking you should definitely take advantage.  Starting out with £250 would mean only gambling that amount again, in total, before you can cash out whatever is in your bank!

High Wagering Requirements and Unfair Bonus Terms

Sadly the obvious applies here; the bigger the bonus you are being offered the lousier the terms will be.  Some casinos can offer you 100% bonus up to £100, some can offer this up to £200 and some now even say 200% bonus up to £500!

This all looks great, imagine depositing £250 and then having £750 to play with.  In terms of the cash amounts it’s a generous offer, but when you consider that attached to this sort of deal may be conditions including having only days to play through the bonus before it is taken away and having at least a 10 x wagering requirement you see how restrictive it is.

A 10 x wagering requirement on a £750 bank means making bets totalling £7500 in a short space of time and that can lead to something that cannot be described as ‘responsible gaming’.

Nothing in this world truly comes for free and these sorts of deals are the online casino equivalent of a high street money lender.  The amounts offered look great and it’s easy, but paying it back is a real drag.  Bear in mind that we’ve seen 20 x, 30 x and even 50 x requirements and you can see how bad some bonuses really are.

What to Keep in Mind Regarding Wagering

Wagering requirements are not allways the same for every offer at a specific brand, usually requirements are somewhat based on how likely you are to win.

  • Casino Games with Lowest Wagering

    Wagering requirements aren’t all bad so long as they are fair to both parties, so finding a low wagering casino may well be the way to go.

    It seems that accepting free spins may be the way to go about things.  True, a lot of free spin offers come with big wagering requirements, some as big as 100 x in fact, but when you are already a member of a casino they will often offer you free spins on their newest or most popular games to garner interest.

    With this, there may be little or no wagering requirements as it is simply an existing customer offer.  This sort of deal is especially good if you usually don’t play slots, as without the freebies you wouldn’t even consider it as a way to win something.  If the wagering requirement is 5 x or under and you can use it up playing the games you like, take the free spins and try your luck.

  • Slots That Have High Wagering Requirements

    Now here’s the contrast – unless you’re getting a specific deal as mentioned above, then almost all slots will have high wagering requirements!

    Casinos are used to the fact that table games come with a high payout ratio and generally players are rewarded for using patience and sometime skill to play.  With slots however, any winnings you get are seen as easy and skill-free as all you have to do is press ‘go’ and if your luck is in, you can win big.

    With that in mind, the vast majority of bonuses connected to slot games and even free spins will come with high wagering requirements; 20 x, 50 x or even 100 x.  So, really think about that.  Accepting a £100 bonus with a 100 x wagering requirements means even if the rollover only counts on the bonus amount and you have won something, you may still need to bet up to £10,000 before you are able to cash out.

    It’s almost impossible to pick out individual games with highest requirements as the same game can be used by different casinos and they can set different rollover amounts, so always check the deal you are getting before playing.

  • Games That Normally Do Not Contribute To Wagering Of Bonus Casino

    There is no hard and fast rule here, each casino can massage their rules as they see fit which further complicates things for players and heightens the need to check your terms and conditions with a fine-tooth comb.

    You will usually discover that, having accepted a bonus, video slots will contribute 100% to your wagering requirement however if you look closely you may discover that certain table games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette or craps may be contributing between zero and 5% towards your wagering requirement.

    This convoluted way of managing a bonus scheme is exactly why life is so much simpler if you can find a no wagering casino!

    As well as table games, the casino for whatever reason may exclude things like certain poker games, 3D games and brand new slots and they have the right to chop and change these terms whenever they wish.

How Can Casino Sites Afford No Wagering?

A no wagering casino can operate by keeping bonuses to a minimum and then relying on their product to make the player want to play more.

Offering no wagering casino bonuses means the amount given will be low enough for them to manage, plus once you’re enjoying the game play it is felt that you will stay and play long past your initial deposit amount and long after your bonus is used up.

We’re all aware that it’s a lucky (or skilful) minority who will make money from gambling in an online casino and we do it for the enjoyment, so across all players the house always has an edge and always makes a profit.  They can use this profit to offer no wagering requirements to certain players, especially new ones, simply to give them a taste of what they have been missing.

Free Spins with No Wagering

As mentioned above, accepting free spins in a no wagering casino can be done and is usually the best way to get around the harsh rollover requirements usually attached to other casino bonuses.

The only thing you may need to watch out for is whether or not your free spins with no wagering requirements apply only to specific games, though this will usually be pointed out to you and won’t be in a generalised bonus fine print.

When given the chance of no wagering casino bonuses including free spins, always as a comfort check get in touch with the casino to clarify your position before gambling.

Finding the Best Casino Sites with No Wagering Requirements

Reading up to date casino reviews and regularly checking for a no wagering casino or individual no wagering casino bonuses is the way to go as things can change so quickly in the industry.

Right here we will update our findings regularly to show you what deals are out there and to explain what makes a bonus a good one.

When reviewing the casino of your choice, make sure they are licensed by the UK gambling commission and ensure their customer service team is available for you.  Casinos should not move the goalposts and change the rules on a bonus after you have accepted it but sticking with a reputable brand is the only way to know for sure you are getting a true no wagering casino experience.

Why Choose For Finding the Best Casino Sites with No Wagering Requirements?

At we are experts in the field of online casinos, low wagering casinos and no wagering casino bonuses.  Check out our pages regularly to find out what’s happening in the industry and to grab the best deals.


  • This is a casino that does not attach ‘rollover’ or ‘wagering requirements’ to its customers or to any bonuses.  This means that once you have deposited, whatever you have won is yours to cash out with immediately.

  • Any that attaches a 5 x or less wagering requirement to its offers.  Some even go as low as 1 x rollover on their deals.

  • Not necessarily.  If you can afford, responsibly, to put in the sort of money required to grab a £200 to £500 bonus and you know you’ll be gambling regularly and can meet the wagering requirement then go ahead, as long as you know what you are entering into.

  • No, or at least not if they are offered by a casino licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.  If the casino is a reputable brand and you have read and understood the terms of your registration, you can happily accept a bonus with no wagering requirements.



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