Fast Withdrawal Casino

Fast withdrawal casinos have risen in popularity owing to the fact that gambling customers are becoming increasingly frustrated at having to wait a number of days for their cash.  Their winnings after all, are completely theirs.

Recent studies by stakeholders in the industry have shown that as many as 94% of all players want instant access to their winnings and now casinos are beginning to take notice.

More and more fast withdrawal casinos are popping up now and some of them even give you access to your winnings instantly, often processing payments the same day and occasionally even within a few minutes.

So, whether you’ve landed a slots jackpot, had a great session at the tables or taken a massive poker win, it’s only natural that you will want to do so at a casino with an instant withdrawal system. Here we look at the best of them, along with what payment methods they accept.

Best Fast Withdrawal Casinos in the UK

  • Rizk
    • Bonus: £100 + 50 Welcome Spins -
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      • Deposit 1
        100% up to £100
        Up to 50 Welcome Spins (Game: Second Strike)
        Deposit £100 - get £200 + 50 free spins to play with.
    • No-deposit bonus: Spin the Wheel of Rizk and get at least 10 free spins
    • Customer Service Available 24/7
    • UK Licensed Casino
    • +18T&C apply
    • Be Gamble Aware
  • Unibet
    • No-deposit bonus: 10 Welcome Spins
    • Bonus: £200 + 200 Welcome Spins -
      More info
      • Deposit 1
        200% up to £200
        Up to 200 Welcome Spins
        Deposit the full £100 to receive all 200 free spins
    • Wagering requirement: 35x
    • +18T&C apply
    • Be Gamble Aware
    • UK Licensed Casino
    • +18T&C apply
    • Be Gamble Aware
  • PlayOJO
    • Bonus: 80 Welcome Spins -
      More info
      • Deposit 1
        Up to 80 Welcome Spins (Game: Book of Dead)
        Get 50 free spins on first deposit - find another 30 in the 'Kickers' section. No wagering requirements!
    • More than 2000 games!
    • Wagering requirement: 0x
    • +18T&C apply
    • Be Gamble Aware
    • UK Licensed Casino
    • +18T&C apply
    • Be Gamble Aware

The Fastest payout online casino UK wise is arguably Unibet, even though officially they give themselves 48 hours. While not all of these are necessarily listed as being instant, in the case of Unibet they have been reported to payout as quickly as within 1 minute and the others aim to get your cash to you sooner than advertised as well.

Instant withdrawal casinos

In an era during which complaints about gambling companies have gone up 5000%  in the UK in just five years, online casinos are pulling more tricks out of the bag in order to keep their players happy.

To be considered as a fast withdrawal casino, firms need to really be paying out their players the same day, but in order to win the race to be considered the best instant withdrawal casino some companies are paying out instantly and with a host of payment methods being used with high-speed internet, this is surely the future of the business.

Picking the right currency and method are crucial when finalising your chosen instant withdrawal casino, so take a close look at what your provider is offering. It generally makes sense to use a digital wallet for example rather than a credit or debit card but we have more detailed information on this in the following sections.

The withdrawal process in online casinos

As soon as you have funds available in your account due to a win, they will show as available in your wallet.  From there you can request a withdrawal with your casino paying you via the same method you deposited with, which is standard practice.

When you deposit or withdraw money to and from an online casino, you may experience what is known as a ‘know your customer’ process, or KYC.  This is essentially a requirement where your casino is obliged to ask you to provide them documented information to confirm exactly who you are.

Any failure to provide this information means you risk having your account closed without receiving your funds, which is something they are allowed to do based on anti-money laundering initiatives. In order to receive the best online casino fast payout you should fully adhere to these requests, along with providing your real name, address, contact number and email.

The KYC process allows businesses to properly verify your ID and this is crucial within the gaming industry where illegal money has been known to move around, something the Gambling Commission wants to eradicate entirely.

Vendor processing time can take into account many factors including the speed of any third parties involved, so even the best fast withdrawal casinos have a few hills to climb to be able to offer the 1 – 24-hour payouts more and more people are demanding these days.

Some casinos also run a ‘withdrawal lock’ system, allowing you to lock your withdrawal so that it cannot be reversed.  Such a scheme is good for players who regularly reverse their withdrawals and end up losing their winnings. This not being a problem with fast paying casinos is something that can benefit the industry as a whole, given that problem gambling is a political hot potato right now.  The more people who can get their winnings instantly and not be tempted to gamble them back, the better.

Standard withdrawal processing times

While we already know that return to player amounts, the number and quality of games and good customer service are all things to consider when choosing whether or not to join a casino, withdrawal process times should in fact be right at the top of your list of things to ponder.

A top casino with fast payout time is something we crave but a lot depends on your method of payment.  Debit and credit cards can typically take 2 – 3 days to be credited despite the fact that deposits are often instant, while a bank transfer could take even longer to process at the casino’s end.

E-wallets are generally the way to go when looking for a fast withdrawal casino UK or abroad, as payments back to you are generally promised in under 24 hours.  Cryptocurrencies are also very quick, again usually within a day, but are still not entirely popular at home in the way they are for example with US gamblers and online gamers.

Best instant withdrawal casinos

As we mentioned above, finding the best fast withdrawal casino can never simply be about who can process payments the quickest, as this means nothing if they have awful customer service, are not available to contact all the time or have underwhelming games and services on offer.

You should take the time to read our casino guide to fully understand what makes a good online casino as a whole with responsible gaming, bonuses and game quality all things to consider.

Even where an instant withdrawal casino is concerned you should keep in mind not just the time it takes, but also the overall withdrawal process and whether or not you’ll be put through the aforementioned KYC scenario.

Your instant withdrawal casino should be available to contact 24/7, ideally via live chat as well as by phone meaning you can solve problems instantly yet in writing, and should be capable of at least processing your payout at the weekend from their end.  Naturally if this payment is going onto a debit card you may have to wait until the following Monday for it to show up in your account.

The ease of this process, allied with a very quick process time (quicker even than advertised), makes a decent same day payout casino but to be considered among the best a brand really needs to have a little bit of everything.

Instant withdrawal payment methods

Although it would be just brilliant if we could win at the casino and have the money paid straight back into our bank accounts or have it immediately pay off the good old credit card, the fact is that even with a fast withdrawal casino this simply isn’t possible due to circumstances generally out of the brand’s control.

Bank and credit card processing times, the spectre of weekend shut-downs at financial institutions and many other factors mean the more traditional methods are not be the way to go if you’re looking to get an online casino instant withdrawal.

Instead, more modern payment methods are used by savvy punters, so in looking for a fast withdrawal casino UK wise or overseas we need a major contemporary payment method with any of the below likely to be more suitable.


Neteller is one of the most popular, modern e-money services used, with the online casino industry as a whole now one of its biggest customers.

As a high-end digital wallet producer, Neteller can usually promise instant transfers and so as long as your casino is doing the right things from their end, your payments should indeed arrive within minutes of your withdrawal request.

Finding an instant Neteller withdrawal casino should be pretty easy as most big brands support this method along with a number of others we’ll go through shortly, though make sure you check this with the casino before you sign-up.


PayPal is probably the best known of all the online payments systems, especially due to their long association with eBay, and as such it is even easier to find an instant PayPal withdrawal casino than it is to find one using Neteller for example.

Using PayPal within an online casino often comes with a number of advantages.  It often means you can deposit low amounts and withdraw high ones, all within a matter of hours at the most, making a PayPal casino fast payout a reality with the majority of major brands trading in the UK.

As with all e-wallets and the like, you will need to have a PayPal account attached to at least one other payment method, such as a typical debit card, which you use to fund your PayPal account.

From there, you can use PayPal to top-up your casino account instantly and of course, much more importantly, it means your winnings can be paid out instantly too with any respectable fast payout casino supporting this method.

Generally speaking when you have funds in your PayPal account and you ask for a withdrawal this can hit your bank account instantly, meaning that even in having to use a middle-man as such, it is much quicker to claim your winnings this way than by requesting them from the casino direct to your bank although it’s worth noting there’ll be a small fee for this.


Not as well known as PayPal but with plenty of miles on the clock, having been established since 2001 as Moneybookers, Skrill is another trusted digital wallet used by an increasing amount of online casinos.

Your typical fast payout casino in the UK hasn’t been using Skrill for too long, but it works in a very similar way to any other e-wallet in that you can top it up using another payment method, then once again use this to load your casino account and accept withdrawals, often instantly.


The basic premise of Trustly is yet again the same as the other digital wallets, however it has been the Swedish company’s security that has seen them increase their popularity with both customers and casinos over the last few years.

To make a purchase using Trustly, or in this case deposit to a casino, customers give their bank details to Trustly who essentially make the transaction on their behalf.  Because of this, Trustly accepts almost all risks including those regarding fraud matters, meaning both the player and the casino are guaranteed payments which can be therefore be processed instantly.

So, if security happens to be a concern when choosing fast paying casinos then Trustly could be the best payment method to use.


While gamers and those using the dark net may have been used to Bitcoin for some years now, it is still a new payment method to the online casino industry, especially where fast withdrawal casinos in the UK are concerned.This hasn’t been helped by those using it occasionally coming with an unsavoury reputation which may be very unfair.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency meaning that there does not need not be a middle or third party, i.e. a bank or credit card company, as the format is deemed to operate on a ‘peer-to-peer’ basis.  Naturally this makes payments extremely quick, so with an increasing number of fast payout casinos getting to grips with this we should see its true emergence in the years to come.

To check whether or not getting a bitcoin casino fast payout is for you, make sure you thoroughly check through the available payment methods your casino offers as well as check out reviews of bitcoin itself along with details of its ease of use.

Fast Payout Mobile Casino

Any good fast withdrawal casino will have a mobile option, in the same way that the bigger brands can accommodate more payment methods and have 24/7 customer service and banking options.

A typical fast payout casino in the UK with a solid mobile option would be Mr Green or Unibet, both of whom are major worldwide brands now and have great apps and mobile sites available with or without download, suitable for those betting on the move which in turns means quick deposits and quick withdrawals are often desired.

Finding a specific fast payout mobile casino would be difficult, but also unnecessary.  Those operating as ‘mobile only’ options tend to be small operators with little in the way of banking options or customer service and even a limited choice of games on offer. Instead, to find an instant withdrawal casino in the UK with a mobile option, stick with the names listed above in our ‘best instant withdrawal casinos’ section and you can’t go too far wrong from there.

Fast Payout Casino Bonuses

A fast payout casino bonus is the holy grail for regular players.  Life moves by at a relentless rate nowadays and that is reflected in how people bet.  A fast deposit, quick and entertaining games, a quick withdrawal casino and very definitely a good bonus to go along with it are all on the wish list.

While specific casino bonuses change all the time, a good example of a brand noted for being a fast withdrawal casino in the UK giving good deals would be All British Casino.  They offer 100% bonuses plus 10% cash-back with withdrawals promised in under 24 hours.

Of the bigger fast payout casinos in the UK Betfair would be a great one to go with.  A typical bonus there for casino players is ‘deposit £10, play with £60’ and they have been known to allow withdrawals within minutes.

Fast paying casinos are growing, so with more and more brands to choose from, the final tick in the box is a good bonus therefore make sure you shop around for that when making your choices.  In some cases, players can claim a deposit, play through the rollover requirements and if successful cash out with a profit by the end of the day!

Fast Withdrawal Slots

Different players have different needs and so it’s difficult to definitively recommend a single casino brand for fast withdrawal games, as one instant withdrawal casino can be very different to another.

For some people it will always be about poker, others are into table games such as roulette and baccarat but given that we have come to trust the well-regulated random number generators employed by fast payout casinos, it’s the slots games and their progressive jackpots that now entice a huge number of players online.

Fast withdrawal slots are available with most of the big brands, so much like the advice given regarding mobile betting we think it’s safe to simply stick with the big names and not necessarily go with a so-called ‘slots expert’ like Slots Animal and the like, though their reputation is fine just for the record.

Some of the fast withdrawal slots UK brands will market themselves as specialists in this area, but won’t really have any more game choice than a good fast payout casino with an established customer base which will also mean they have proper customer service, 24-hour banking and the option to play different games should you wish.

Betfair, Mr Green, Unibet, Play Ojo and others have been known to be solid fast paying casinos and they all have plenty of slots available.

New Fast Paying Casinos UK

An online casino quick withdrawal is becoming somewhat of a prerequisite for players now, making fast paying casinos more and more popular.  With this in mind, the newest online casinos pay particular attention to this need and it’s something no registration casinos have done very well with time seen as very much of the essence for modern players.

Such fast payout casinos have sprung up with great regularity, new ones being the likes of Yako Casino and Jonny Jackpot, with many employing Trustly as a payment method.  This method, mentioned above, is used to automatically perform the Know Your Customer procedure which keeps the casino safe as well as the player, with AML or ‘Anti-Money-Laundering’ procedures at the top of the list when it comes to regulation.

New casino fast payout strategies are important as brands look to attract the next generation of players but it’s something that we should all jump onto, even as experienced punters, as we should never forget that any money won is in fact now instantly ours!


What should I pay attention to when choosing a fast payout casino?

Many brands, both new and existing, will claim to be an instant withdrawal casino in the UK, but it’s best to read impartial reviews of the latest casino sites to ensure they are safe and well regulated.

It’s important for a brand to back up its claim. To be a fast withdrawal casino it must support the right banking methods, such as e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, so you should ensure you carefully do the boring stuff such as checking out the terms and conditions and submit any documents necessary so that a later KYC procedure doesn’t hold up your withdrawal.

Will an online casino instant withdrawal cost me extra?

The short answer is no.  Regardless of the time it takes to cash out your winnings, any costs depend on the payment method and the casino’s overall procedure which is why reading the T&C’s in advance is important.

How do I request an instant withdrawal from my casino?

If your provider is indeed a fast withdrawal casino then the process will be easy.  You simply need to select withdrawal or ‘cash out’, select your payment method and then receive your money.  If a KYC is necessary then you’ll have to provide documents but going with Trustly can eradicate this.

What payment methods are best for instant withdrawals at casinos?

Always these will be e-wallets and cryptocurrencies such as PayPal or bitcoin.  Check your preferred fast payout casino to see what banking methods they support before depositing.

Are there limits to my withdrawal amounts in fast paying casinos in the UK?

As a general rule you may find that £10 is your minimum and your maximum is around £10,000.  That said, it all depends on the rules set out by a specific fast withdrawal casino so again it’s all about those T&C’s.

How fast do instant withdrawal casinos work in the UK?

The very best fast paying casinos can pay out immediately, some have even done so within a minute.  But this depends also on the casino being available to actually process the withdrawal request so look out for fast payout casinos in the UK that have a 24/7 service.

Are fast withdrawal casinos definitely legal?
Yes, the casino offering a fast withdrawal is simply part of their business plan to be able to give a better service.  If you have any doubts, always check your casino brand out on the Gambling Commission website to ensure they are licensed to operated in the UK.

Can I get a fast withdrawal when playing on mobile?

Indeed.  Any reputable online casino offering fast or even instant withdrawals will have the same banking system available for those using smartphones and tablets as for those using a desktop computer.  Rather than the device you’re using, your chances of getting a quick casino withdrawal will depend on what payment method you use and whether your casino has solid 24/7 customer service and banking operations.

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