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In this guide we’ll go through anything that has to do with finding the right online casino for you. There is quite a lot of stuff to know, but once you learn it, it’s easy to remember. As casinos all have different bonuses, offers, games and requirements, it’s wise to give this guide a shot if you are new to the world of casinos. What’s worth knowing and what’s not?


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Disclaimer: Responsible Gaming is key

We take responsible gaming really serious. It’s important for us that we guide our players in a fair way. We won’t give any misconceptions or false hopes – we are simply here to try to show you what you need to know and answer your questions. If you feel drawn to gambling in any way, please take action. You can read all about this in our responsible gaming section.

Responsible Gaming is not only about addiction and seeking help. It’s also about preventing gambling addiction and necessary precautions that can be taken. The golden rule is to never play for more than you afford to lose. You will in fact lose more often than you win, and should never expect a win.

A few things to consider before you get started

How big of a wager suits you? Whether you are a high roller or a “fun-player”, there is something out there for you. If you are a high roller, you should look for a casino offering a big welcome package. You might also want to look at a casino with high or no limits for deposits, so you can deposit a lot at the same time. There is also merit in finding a casino with a great loyalty programme, which could be very beneficial if you play a lot or for high amounts.

If you play for 10-20 quid now and then, there is a lot more to choose from. The welcome bonuses are often even more beneficial as there are a lot of 3-500% bonuses out there on smaller deposits. You won’t have to think about VIP-programmes as you won’t be playing that much anyways. Some deposit bonuses offers extra spins on your deposits. These are usually trigged by a minimum deposit so keep a look out for casinos offering a lot of spins on your first deposit.

Regardless of your taste and size of wallet, you can read more about finding the best value below.

Bonuses and offers

With bonuses and offers applied to your gameplay, you have better chances to win and sometimes even find an edge on the casino, however that is a rare sight. There are so many different types of bonuses out there, making it hard to cover all at once. Basically, looking for bonuses is all about value.  You want to find the offers that gives you the most bang for the buck. Pretty simple, right? However, there are multiple things to look for in order to find the best value.

The first thing to look at is obviously the amount or percentage of the bonus. 100-200% bonuses are the most common welcome bonus amounts. A 500 % bonus is obviously really good, since you will be given 5 times your deposit amount as bonus money. Once you’ve find a bonus that tickles your fancy, you want to be looking at the bonus terms for the phrase wagering requirement. The lower the better, as wagering requirements is the amount of times you need to wager your bonus money before you can make a withdrawal. You can read everything about wagering requirements in our dedicated article.


In casinos online, you’ll find all kinds of games. In fact, in most online casinos today, there are thousands of games and for a first-timer, it could be quite hard to choose what to play. The thing you need to know is what kind of game you like. The big question is probably; slots or table games? While playing with a bonus, you are usually bound to play slots in the casino, as table games will only count towards 10 % of the wager towards the requirements. Sometimes it’s completely banned to play table games with bonus money so keep in mind to always have a brief look through the rules before starting.

Whichever type of game you want to go with, you are usually able to filter between games. Should you like slots, you can simply press the videoslots button and you should find great games to play straight away. Most casino games are quite equal when it comes to payouts, so we urge you to try out a few games and find your personal favourite. The casinos recommendations and most popular games are usually positioned in the top of the lobby, so the quality tend to get a little worse the further you scroll down. Once again though, we’re all different so your kind of game might as well be in the bottom of the lobby.

A common concept in terms of slots is RTP. RTP stands for “Return To Player” which is the equivalent of how much a slot pays out to the player on average. Click the link to read more about RTP and how it works.

Speed might be your priority

Are you looking for a casino where things go fast and smooth? Perhaps swift withdrawals and support is your thing? Things like these matter to some players, while others don’t really care.

Slow-loading games are always annoying. Yggdrasil’s slots are probably the fastest ones on the market today. Apart from being fast, they are well-made, nicely designed and come with great sound effects and music. If you prefer fast games, look for a casino that offers Yggdrasil’s slots.

Withdrawal processing times is something that is important for a lot of casino players. Some casinos will process your withdrawals automatically, and as long as your account is fully verified, it won’t take longer than an hour for you to get your winnings paid out.

Do you use a specific payment method?

You might be using a different payment method than the standard ones. Keep in mind that some casinos don’t accept every payment method, so before going through a registration process it’s always worth double checking whether your payment method is supported or not. It’s also possible that your preferred method only is available for deposits and not withdrawals, meaning that you’d need to use another method to pay out your winnings.

In the UK, it’s more common than ever to use PayPal for deposits and withdrawals. Feel free to browse through our list of Paypal Casinos if that is what you’re looking for. In every casinos review on Casino Wings, you’ll find all the supported payment methods and sufficient information to get you started.

Read before you play

The rule of thumb when looking for online casinos is to read up on the facts before you get going. We know more than anyone how tempting it is to just deposit, get a nice bonus and start playing. However, it could be costly if you are breaking the casinos bonus terms. So a little bit of reading before you get started and make your first deposit should give you enough information. On Casino Wings, we list casinos with fair bonus terms and we will never publish blacklisted or casinos that don’t play by the rules. All casinos on this site are also licensed by the UKGC, so you won’t have to worry about that.



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