Dawn of Interactive, Multiplayer Online Slot Tournaments – Reel Rivals

Dawn of Interactive, Multiplayer Online Slot Tournaments – Reel Rivals

This unique new tournament and slot gameplay format pits players against each other as they spin the reels of King Kong Cash, trying to beat other players and earn the most points in two minutes. During each session, 100 Free Spins are available for the player who outsmarts his opponents. There are three daily tournaments, launching at 10-11 am, 5-6 pm and 9-10 pm.

In contrast to regular tournaments (where the objective is also to score the most points and rank higher than other players), in Reel Rivals, players have interactive elements, including weapons, like Freezes, Bombs, and Bazookas, to help them knock out opponents.

Each contestant can play twice per tournament session, and it’s not just the reigning player that gets free spins as the prizes are staggered to include thousands of players. Speaking of prizes, the free spins are valued at 10p per spin and come without wagering requirements. The only catch is that the competition is exclusively offered at Sky Vegas Casino.

Both multiplayer and no-wagering bonuses are on point with current industry trends: The first for hitting the mark on social engagement for players, and the second for offering responsible bonuses that don’t encourage excessive gambling linked to withdrawals.

Jo Purvis, director of marketing & relationships at Blueprint Gaming, said: “We’ve always seen the potential in multiplayer gaming and particularly in Slot Masters. Seeing the concept develop to the stage where we can use our most beloved characters and brands on a major site like Sky Vegas is incredibly exciting.

“The free-to-play model is becoming increasingly popular, and seeing it work in tandem with multiplayer online slots battles with player favourite slot IPs is a fantastic step forward. It complements mainstream slot provision perfectly, and we’re thrilled to be involved.”

Justin Chamberlain, CEO of HungryBear Gaming, added: “This proud collaboration with Blueprint Gaming and Sky Vegas marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide unique and engaging gaming experiences to slots players. It continues to drive the multiplayer genre forward and strengthens its potential to provide an exciting new future for the slots vertical.”

New UK Slot Stakes

The release of Reel Rivals and the promotion of more free-play games could not come at a better time. Last week, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission announced the results of the online slot stake consultations.

The UKGC press release read, “Following a public consultation, which ran from 26 July to 4 October 2023, and analysis of the responses to the consultation, the government will introduce a statutory maximum stake limit of £5 per spin for adults aged 25 and over.

“We will also introduce a statutory maximum stake limit of £2 per spin for young adults aged 18 to 24, who the evidence suggests are associated with higher rates of gambling-related harm and may have a greater risk tolerance compared to other age groups.”

The announcement caused an uproar among the industry. Many critics took to social platforms to point out the irony that 18-year-olds are classed as adults in all other respects yet are still considered irresponsible in the field of gambling. Others felt the stake limits were too low and that the UK government was cutting the legs out from under the legal industry and incentivising offshore gambling.

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