How to play slots

I think that we can all agree that playing slots is easy and relatively simple. However, there is a lot more to just clicking a button in some slots. If you are looking for a general way to play slots online, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll go through most of it, including pay lines, coin value, scatters, bonus triggers and much more.

This is how slots work online

First off, people seem to enjoy different kinds of slots. That is good because there are literally thousands of slots out there for you to enjoy. That is just one of many advantages to play slots online instead of at the local casino. Today, there are many different kinds of slots. The most common ones are the 5×3 slots which means 5 reels with 3 wheels. The bigger the grid and the more symbols, the more pay lines there will be. The really old slots mostly had a 3×3 grid. In the year of 2024, we got to enjoy many different and new slot inventions.

An example of a new innovation is the MegaWays™ feature from Big Time Gaming. In these slots, the pay lines are randomly generated based on random sizes of the wheels. This means that you’ll have a different amount of pay lines on every spin. More pay lines obviously unlocks more ways of winning, so that’s what you are looking for.

What Features are Present

Below we have listed a few things that are good to know when embarking on your spintastic journey.

  • Cluster Pays

    Cluster Slots is not really brand new when it comes to slot concepts, but it still didn’t shake things up until recently. NetEnts Aloha was one of the first slots to actually succeed, and since then we’ve seen quite a few. The Cluster Pays concept means that you don’t have to find actual Paylines betwheen the reels. You’ll win when there’s a cluster of X amount of symbols next to each other on the reels. It’s exactly like Candy Crush: Saga in that way.

  • Random Triggers

    Despite new concepts and innovations, the random features in slots is something that we at Casino Wings tend to enjoy most. Just knowing that a random thing can pop up and increase your chances of winning at every spin is a cool addition to the game. Random triggers are just that, random, and is not triggered by any specific action in the game.

  • Is it possible to control or affect the outcome of spins?

    No, it is not. Neither the player nor the casino are able to change a specific outcome or the RTP inside a slot. This is obviously for everyone’s safety and the online slots go through harsh inspections of gaming authorities before they are allowed to be launched in the online casinos. A random generator that’s also been approved by the gambling authorities stands behind every outcome of every spin, so there’s no way to fidget with the results.

  • Scatters

    In most of the slots out there today, you’ll stumble upon the Scatter-symbols. These symbols are made to act as bonus triggers in the slots. You usually need to find 3 scatters on the reels to trigger a bonus. It varies a lot – in some games you’ll only need to find 2 and in some you’ll need to find 5. Scatters come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it acts like a ‘Wild’ symbol but it’s usually separated from the normal symbols and pay lines.



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