Casino Cashback

Online casinos sometimes offer cashback either in real cash, bonus funds or free spins credited to players’ accounts as an incentive to keep them playing.  Casino cashback offers reward the player without giving them bonus money that can be withdrawn.

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Casino Cashback Offers Explained

Casino cashback offers can take a number of forms and can be given as a reward for winning or depositing, but also as a rebate when a player has lost in order to keep some money in the account and essentially keep you playing.

For example, cashback may be offered when you deposit a certain amount of money, i.e. ‘deposit £100 now and get 10% cashback’, or the rebate idea kicks in when casinos offer you back a percentage of any losses at the end of the week, say 5%.  In other words if you’d lost £200 in a week, they may credit your account with £10 cashback.

Cashback with Real Money

Casino cashback involving real money is still rare, but does happen from time to time.  Whatever the reason for the cashback offer, as a rebate on losses or for depositing money etc, the casino simply credits your account with an agreed amount of cash and this can be withdrawn.

Naturally the cashback amounts are low where real cash is involved, but if the casino is running a cashback offer based on a percentage then naturally the more you put in and bet with the more you can expect back.

Cashback with Bonus Funds

This is much more common and sometimes using the word cashback is just clever marketing.  This deal is no different to any standard welcome bonus or reload bonus in that you deposit money and the casino matches it or adds to your wallet with a percentage.  With bonus cashback, there will no doubt be strict wagering requirements prohibiting you from withdrawing the funds as cash for a while.

Cashback with Free Spins

With slots; free spins and cashback are offered but usually separately.  As a bonus, you may be offered 100 free spins and a cashback deal but when the casino cashback deal involves the free spins themselves, it’s a little misleading.  When getting free spins as a bonus, you may in theory win absolutely nothing so calling this cashback isn’t correct – watch out for casinos that do this.

Standard Terms and Conditions for Casino Cashback Offers

As always all casinos are different and we always advise that you check out the terms and conditions specific to the casino cashback deal you are getting at your licensed casino.  Here are some fairly standard terms though:

  • You must enter the relevant promo code to receive cashback – not all casino cashback is automatic.
  • Players who attempt to abuse the cashback system will have it revoked.
  • Players must be 18 or over.
  • A maximum cashback amount per customer applies.
  • Deposit match bonuses cannot be taken in conjunction with a cashback offer.

Always remember that as well as any standard terms relating to your casino cashback offer, you are still bound by the general terms and conditions of the casino overall so do the boring stuff and familiarise yourself with what you need to know before depositing cash.

  • Advantages of Cashback vs Standard Casino Bonuses

    When the casino is being honest about their cashback, it’s a good old fashioned reward.  Getting back a percentage of what you’ve spent is great and means there are no harsh wagering requirements.  The money is yours.  Cashback is instant and means whatever your reward you can claim it straight away.

  • Disadvantages of Cashback vs Standard Casino Bonuses

    In terms of real cash, the amounts offered are small.  Some games come with a cashback value of 0.5% for example, meaning to even get £10 back you’d have staked more than £2000 in total.  A few casinos will offer you up to 25% cashback but that will be on deposits only, a great way for them to get you to keep feeding your account.


Remember to keep abreast of the following things when thinking about taking any casino cashback offers:

  • Opt in – there may be a promo code you need to use.  Conversely, make sure that if you don’t want cashback then opt out if the deal has automatically added to your account.
  • Research – we always recommend this.  Make sure the deal is right for you as in some cases the amounts offered are so small and you’d be better off with a traditional bonus, despite the wagering requirement.
  • Don’t play just to get cashback – you’d be amazed how many people do this.  If you keep yourself playing (and losing) just to see the cashback amount grow, it’s counterproductive.

Why Choose for Casino Cashbacks?

Casino cashback is still a bemusing area for some players and so we at are here to help you get the best deal.  We are independent, only deal with licensed casinos and do not tolerate scam casinos and scam ads.

How It Works

Casino players are eligible for cashback when they adhere to certain tasks or fulfil gaming requirements.  Namely:

  • Depositing a certain amount of money
  • Playing certain games
  • Opting into the cashback scheme
  • Deciding NOT to claim a traditional deposit bonus

From this point, whatever cashback you earn sits in your casino account until such time as you want to withdraw it as cash but remember – there may be time limits on how long you can leave it so check out the T&C’s!


  • Once you opt into the scheme, you will receive a percentage of the money you play back automatically into your account, or a percentage of the deposit you place.  This is available to you as cash.

  • No.  Any amounts due to you will sit in your casino account/wallet and it’ll be up to you to withdraw this as cash.

  • It depends on your view.  If you load your account and/or gamble regularly, then the constant drip-feeding of cashback money will add up and be available to you without an annoying wagering requirement.  If you don’t plan to play every day however cashback will take time to accumulate and so claiming a traditional deposit bonus may be more lucrative.



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