Best Payout Online Casino UK

With hundreds of casinos and thousands of variations of bonus offers to choose from, the task of signing up to just the right casino for you is becoming harder and harder.

One thing you can check up on and can always use as a reliable measure though is what the highest payouts are from casino to casino to make sure you are making the most of your gambling cash.

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Casino Payout Concept Explained

Different games across different casinos can average different payout rates so as always, despite the help we will always offer you at, we suggest doing your research before you dive into a new deposit.

Payout rates are essentially statistics engineered to show players roughly how likely they are to win on a specific game or, more to the point, how much they should expect to lose on average.  Using a percentage figure, the payout rate indicates how much of the money you wager on a certain game is returned to you on average.

Given that some people will have lost and some will have won on any given day you are playing, truly what percentage chance you have of winning is unknown and kept secret by the casino.

List of UK Casinos with the Best Payouts

When you see the below list, you shouldn’t be surprised to not see some of the major names there.  The biggest online casinos can afford to offer the best bonuses, but at any given time the best payout online casino UK is liable to be one that concentrates on giving out more consistent wins instead of bonuses.  Currently these five over an average of 95% payout or above:

  • All British Casino
  • Cashmio
  • Dunder Casino
  • Goliath
  • Videoslots

You of course have to weight up the best payouts, such as the top paying slots, with whether or not you believe the casinos listed have the best customer service, a worthwhile bonus scheme and are a trustworthy corporation.

Casino Games with Highest Payouts

When you think of casinos with highest payouts slots and jackpot bingo etc you’d be forgiven for thinking this is the only area to concentrate on, but often table games when played correctly can give you a better return.

True, if you want to win a jackpot then the slots are the way to go about it, but if you want your wins to be consistent then the following games statistically give you more of an edge:

Blackjack – ordinarily in a land-based casino, the house edge for this game is as low as 1% anyway but when you go online this can stand at only 0.13%.  That is an incredible figure meaning the average player walks away almost even without breaking a sweat.  If you feel you have a technique you can use, then all the better!

Craps – land based the house edge on this dice game is only around 1.2% but online you may expect this to be as low as 0.6%.  Betting the pass line in craps almost guarantees that every player can expect a return which is why the average payout is so good, but as you learn more of the tricks of the trade you can learn when to place more bets and begin to expect a higher return.

Roulette – probably the most popular of all the table games available online, roulette usually means players betting their favourite numbers and if the ball lands on yours, you win at 35-1.  You can bet odd/even, first 18/second 18 and red or black too for an even-money bet.  Most online casinos have a house edge of just 2.7% on this game which makes it potentially profitable as well as enjoyable.

Playing these table games, which involves you actually doing something as opposed to simply pressing ‘go’ on the slot games makes the experience more enjoyable as well as more lucrative.

Payouts at Classic Slot Games Online

The top paying slots are available internet-wide in hundreds of different casinos.  This is because they are made by specific software providers who can then sell them to various casino brands.  The best payout online casino UK will definitely have slot games provided by NetEnt, Microgaming, PlayTech, Thunderkick and WMS so look out for those.

These providers have made themselves popular with game players not just because of the great graphics but because of the high payout rate, usually above 95%.  Good old 3-wheel slots with decent payout rates include Break Da Bank, Double Diamond, Gold Rush, Joker 8000 and others.

Video Slots Payouts

Against the classic games, video slots are both more interesting and also more complicated.  There are thousands of win combinations in modern video slots as they are entirely computer based and don’t have to rely on 3 reels.

Although they may be hard to follow at times, the payout ratios tend to be higher and frankly the wins are still random so don’t feel you have to know everything about the game to win at it.  Simply put the more money you bet the more you are likely to win!

Popular video slots include Dead or Alive, Immortal Romance, Pink Elephants and White Rabbit and these, along with many others, payout a minimum of 96%.  Any casino with highest payouts slots will have these games.

Best Payouts on Blackjack

Payouts on blackjack, unlike some other games, are pretty easy to grasp.  Given that this game is played with a deck of 52 cards as standard, as long as your mathematics is sound you can work out a likely payout.

As the game is the same no matter who you bet with, the way to work out the best payout online casino UK for blackjack is to shop around and decipher who has the lowest house edge.  If you can find a casino offering less than 1% house edge then you could be on your way to having a bit of luck and perhaps landing a profit.

Highest Payouts on Roulette

If your chosen casino only uses a video style of roulette then you should dig deep and see if you can uncover what their chosen house edge is.  Remember though that with most major online casinos you can play live roulette, where your odds simply depend on the type of bet you’re having.

A lot then depends on whether you like to stay patient and wait for the big win, or whether you prefer regular wins to keep things ticking along.  Odd, even, red, black, 1-18 and 19-36 all have roughly a 46% chance of winning while a single number on the board has less than a 3% chance.

Taking the even money bets mentioned above simply means that if you bet £5 on black and it comes in, you receive £5 profit plus your original £5.  If you place £5 on a single number however and it wins, you can expect a return of £180.

Video Poker Payouts

It’s important to know the payout ratios if you are choosing to play video poker as, by its very definition, this is computer based and therefore wins are random and based on averages.

Find the video poker pay table for the game you have chosen, usually available with the software company that developed it, and it’ll show you what each hand pays off.  The difference in each of these tables is what can make varying versions of the game more or less attractive, i.e. 9/6 jacks or better (99.5%) would pay more than 9/5 jacks or better (98%).

Live Casino Payouts

This is the safest area to be involved in when it comes to working out your potential payout.  Not only is the house edge less on table games, as we mentioned above, but also being that these are live dealer games there is no random generation from a computer and so you know just by reviewing the rules of the game what your chances are.

Picking your best payout online casino UK is made easier if you want to play live table games, as the rules and the payout odds for all table games is freely available online including for blackjack, craps, roulette and poker.

Top Paying Casino Slots

In terms of finding the top playing slots right now it’s a bit of a minefield, as new slots are introduced to the market all the time with varying themes and they may have good, bad or indifferent pay ratios attached to them depending on the manufacturer and/or the casino.

Currently, at the start of 2019, the top paying slots available online include Monopoly (up to 99% pay ratio), Mega Joker (up to 99%), 1429 Uncharted Seas (98.6%), Joker Strike (98%), Blood Suckers (98%) and more.  With ratios like this, you can be pretty confident that on average you won’t lose a fortune and these games therefore are a good way to get through the wagering requirement attached to any bonuses you may have.

Advantages with Online Casinos with Best Payouts

We’ve written plenty about bonuses at but it’s often good to remember that a good bonus alone isn’t a reason to join up with a casino.

As is the case with a good sportsbook, a bonus is only a temporary thing whereas offering players the best odds consistently is much more advantageous to us and this is no different with the best payout online casino UK or worldwide.

Instead of going for the short term ‘win’ of a high bonus and all its wagering requirements, checking out which casinos or which individual games give you the best payout ratio is a much more sensible and professional way of placing your bets, ensuring longevity.

Even if you’ve received a £100 bonus, that will quickly become nothing if your average payouts are only 93% compared to a casino with no great bonus but who can offer you average payouts of 97%+ so the long term advantage is with online casinos with higher payouts.

Disadvantages with Casinos with Highest Payouts

Ostensibly, there are none unless the casino in question offers absolutely nothing in terms of a bonus or a loyalty scheme.  If you are only wishing to join up and play short term, then the lack of a bonus and a slightly higher payout ratio won’t really do you much good so you’d be forgiven for accepting a lower payout average in favour of a big deposit bonus.


When trying to select what you think is the best payout online casino UK you will need to bear in mind just a few factors, namely:

Checking reviews – independent reviewers having nothing to gain personally and so finding a favourable critique of a casino could mean that the hard work is done for you.

Playing table games – if you have no real preference and just want to get involved, then playing table games rather than slots technically gives you a better chance of winning.  Play live dealer games where you can as these are not computer generated and so you can work out for yourself using the basic rules of the game what your win chances truly are.

Check the payout ratios – the average payouts for video poker games and slots is readily available on the manufacturers website so you have no excuse to bet blind.  You may find one game more interesting than another but if it pays an average of 93% when 99% is available you’ll have no reason to complain when your money disappears quicker!

Review regularly – new games are introduced all the time, new casinos sprout up and ratios can change so even if you’ve done your homework at the start of the year be sure to regular comfort check that what averages you thought you were getting still apply.


  • How do I know what the payout ratio of a game is?
    Ask the casino by contacting their customer service department or simply check out the ratio on the software developer’s website.  Such information is generally available although for certain games this may be kept secret.  If you can’t find out the pay ratio, simply don’t bet.
  • What’s the best way to ensure I get the best return?
    Play table games rather than slots in general, especially live dealer games.
  • What if I only like slots?
    As long as you aren’t too concerned with which exact game you want to play, then read reviews and check out which games are offering the best payout results as these are often independently verified.  You may still find some slot games offering as big as 99% payouts online.
  • What if I get a big pay ratio from my casino but no bonus?
    This really depends whether you see yourself as a long term or a short term player.  If you are just dipping your toe in and/or only want to bet for a short time, then go with the big bonus and use it wisely.  If you’re in it for the long haul however then any sort of welcome bonus will never compensate for a poor payout ratio, so be sure to get the best returns you can from your casino.

Why Choose for Best Payout Online Casino UK?

Here at we are experts in the business of online casinos; reviewing them, playing them and understanding them and so when it comes to getting the best payouts and the best results you should always come back and check out our pages.