AIGF Asks DFS Operators To Adhere To Skill Game Charter

AIGF Asks DFS Operators To Adhere To Skill Game Charter

IPL2020 is finally underway, and betting action on IPL games will continue to increase as the tournament progresses. The 2020 IPL is taking place in the United Arab Emirates and commenced on Sep 19 and will run till Nov 10.

While it is a given that sports betting action will increase, you can also be assured that daily fantasy sports (DFS) sites and apps will see an uptick in activity.

DFS Activity Will Spike During IPL 2020

Ernst & Young compiled a FICCI Frames report on the Indian gaming market, which showed that millions of users all over the country are keen to get in on the DFS action covering IPL 2020. The report showed more than 360 million Indians who are avid online gamers and are very keen on DFS games.

DFS operators are spending heavily on their marketing and advertising campaigns as they fight for market share. They expect to see millions of new users sign up at their sites during the 2020 IPL.

AIGF Asks Operators To Comply With Charter

The All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) is aware that there will be a significant spike in betting and DFS activity during the IPL. This is why the AIGF has called on all gaming operators in India to comply with its skill game charter that promotes the protection of players and responsible gambling at all times.

Many will not be familiar with the AIGF skill games charter as it was released back in 2018, when there was not as much interest in online gaming and DFS games as there is in 2020. The skills charter focuses on developing a transparent and fair online gaming environment that protects the interests of players and stakeholders. One of the main points emphasised in this skill gaming charter is that operators must take on building a responsible and self-regulatory online gaming community.

India Has No Gambling Watchdog

Sports betting and online gambling are banned in India but licensed offshore casinos and sportsbooks have no problems offering their online games and sports betting services to the lucrative Indian gaming market.

Since online gambling is banned, there is no official gaming regulator in India to police these offshore operators and ensure that Indian players are not exposed to risk. This allows offshore gaming operators to have a lot of freedom in the Indian market.

One of the main concerns that India is going to have to deal with sooner or later is the increase in gambling addiction. There have already been sporadic cases in the media that highlight how young Indians have fallen into the trap of online gambling and dug themselves into a deep hole. Several online gamblers have succumbed to gambling addiction and have caused them to get into extensive debt, cybercrime, and even committed suicide.

AIGF Promoting Good Governance

Since the Indian government is yet to put in place regulations and protocols to protect online gamblers in the country, the AIGF is taking the lead in enforcing responsible gambling measures through its skill games charter. AIGF CEO Roland Landers said that DFS and iGaming operators needed to show good governance in the absence of a regulated gaming market.

The best way for operators to do this is to follow the detailed regulations outlined in the gaming charter, which has multiple checks to ensure that operators toe the line and that players are better protected. The AIGF has a very accomplished advisory board that designed the skill charter to safeguard player interest, provide best practices for gaming operators, and promote responsible gambling.

Some of the AIGF board members include Fatema Agarkar, founder of the Agarkar Centre of Excellence (ACE), Justice Vikramajit Sen, the former Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court and former judge of the Supreme Court; and Ishita Pateria, who is a psychologist & psychotherapist.

AIGF Stakeholders Keen To Comply With Charter

Some key AIGF stakeholders, including the Mobile Premier League (MPL) and Paytm First Games, said they were committed to the skill-games charter and would ensure that their operations fully comply with the tenets outlined.

The online gambling market in India has witnessed a 30 percent increase in 2020 when compared to 2019. DFS and sports betting operators are enjoying exponential growth. They know that it is vital for them to stay within the invisible lines of compliance as a significant spike in gambling addiction or player complaints could get the Indian government to finally take action and restrict the freedom of DFS operators and offshore gaming operators.

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