New MMA And Old Samantha Fox Slots

New MMA And Old Samantha Fox Slots

Indian players like playing slot games that have a theme or character that they are familiar with. This week we feature 80s siren Samantha Fox and a combat sport slot game that is gaining a massive following in India.

Samantha Fox

Whether you are a massive fan of Samantha Fox or never heard of the iconic pop singer, this new slot game will give you another peak into the life of the pin up queen. The game was developed by MGA and is the perfect example of looking at the past with rose-colored glasses. Samantha Fox may not have been the best singer out there but her looks and magazine covers made sure she was a name not easy to forget. She has a dedicated set of fans around the world and this new slot is likely to win her some more fans.

The game has Samantha dominating the background of this slot game. Besides the images of her, there are also other images associated with the sexy singer. These include neon lights, sexy dancing and Samantha posing away. The audio is a throwback to the 80s synth sounds and is a great reminder of the past.

The setup of the game is pretty generous. It has the usual five by three grid but instead of normal paylines, players have 243 ways to win. The symbols themselves are the usual mix, along with some of the symbols unique to the game. Unfortunately, they don’t give away that much in basic prizes. The game does make up for it by allowing players to get multiple wins on a single spin.

But the real draw of the game is in the various bonus features. Players can access these games when they are unlocked. The unlocking happens when players score big in the game. There are four games to unlock and once accessed, players can activate these games when necessary.

The first bonus game is Photo Shoot. Players can get 256 times their bet if they pick the right photo. The Recording Studio bonus game works the same way. The Concert Game is a competition to find the right notes to get a massive prize. Finally, the Signing Off bonus game asks players to get three of Samantha’s albums. This will reward them with a massive bonus.

Players who remember Samantha and want to see her in action again should give this game a few spins.

MMA Legends

For those who love Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and other combat sports, this new game from NetGame Entertainment brings packs a bunch of Octagon action into this high intensity slot. Even those who dislike combat sports will appreciate what NetGame has done with this great little game.

In MMA Legend, players will see some of the biggest names in MMA break into their screens. Thanks to the graphics, all the biggest stars of MMA are rendered in their full glory.

The game has five reels and four rows and a total of 50 paylines. This gives players a good chance of winning. The game has an RTP of 96.03 percent. When you play MMA Legends can either win a low-value card symbol or one of the legendary fighters. Players who score one of the royals will win prizes that are low in value while scoring one of the fighters will increase the prize value.

The most valuable symbol in this slot is the Wild. It provides players a way to complete winning combinations easily since it can substitute for any basic symbol. The great thing about Wilds is that they can reward players with a free spin. Players who see four wilds on a spin will automatically get a Respin.

Additionally, if more than four Wilds appear, then all wilds will come back as an entire reel full of Wilds. If that happens then there is a very good chance that players get a win. The respins will also continue as long as Wilds keep showing up.

The scatter symbol can give players even more big wins. Players who score three or more scatters will get free spins. For this game mode though, wilds are sticky and can provide massive multipliers. A maximum of 3x multiplier can give players an incentive to play.

Finally, there is the Sweepstake betting feature. Instead of the normal slot bet, players make a wager on how many times an MMA fighter will show up in a few rounds. This can mean a big win for the lucky player. Do check out MMA Legends when it arrives at your favorite online casino.

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