Two Space Themed Slots That Indian Players Will Enjoy

Two Space Themed Slots That Indian Players Will Enjoy

Slot developers usually tend to stick with mainstream themes like treasure hunting and exploring mythical lands to find riches. However, every now and then you will find a developer taking a risk and going with a niche theme that appeals only to a certain niche of slot players.

Two small developers have come out with space-themed slots and have done a great job with these themes. The first game is from Play Pearls and is called Space Hunters while the second slot is called Visitors and was developed by ELK Studios.

Space Hunters

Play Pearls makes the theme of this game very clear with a name like Space Hunters. This slot takes players to outer space to hunt for supervillains. This may seem like a sci-fi game, but it’s a superhero game. When players start this game, they are presented with a futuristic setup and a simple five by three grid.

Players have a decent chance of winning in this game thanks to 25 paylines and a high RTP of 97 percent. Indian players will enjoy this game as the betting range starts from $0.025 per spin and goes up to $25 per spin. Given the currency conversion rates, Indian players will be able to spin the reels several times without exhausting their bankroll.

There is an auto-spin feature available for those players who would like to keep spinning till they get a win. The max win here is 300 times a player’s stake. The different Space Hunters are the main symbols for this game along with a mix of other space-themed symbols. There are no card themed symbols here.

The real draw of the game is in the various special symbols and their features. The three special symbols are the Wild, the Free Spins, and the Space Hunters symbol. The Wild substitutes for all other symbols except for the Free Spins symbol and the Space Hunters Logo. Whenever it shows up, players will have a higher chance of winning.

The scatter is the Free Spins symbol. When players score three or more of this symbol, they get free spins. The minimum number of spins they get is 10 free spins, but players who get five Free Spins symbols get up to 30 free spins.

The most rewarding symbol is Space Hunters. When they appear, players can collect them. As soon as eight of them are collected, an arcade mini-game appears. This is like a separate video game as players fight enemies and pick up treasures. This is a great diversion from the normal slot game experience, and it functions as a separate video game. The more enemies the player defeats, the bigger their prize will be.

If you like space-themed slots, this one is a must spin!


ELK Studios has also come out with a space-themed game but approach things from a very different angle. In this game, players will be a part of disruptive aliens hovering over a small town. ELK Studios has done a great job with the graphics and has loaded the game with some very attractive bonuses.

When this game starts, players will find themselves floating quietly above a town. They will then be presented with a 5×5 grid and 3,125 ways to win. Depending on the wager, which can range from $0.20 to $100 per spin, players can get a pretty big reward. The biggest payout here is 10,000x.

The game’s symbols are a mix of the card royals and the town landmarks. The card royals are the low-value symbols, and the high-value symbols are the town symbols. The most valuable symbol is the red clock house symbol. Players should also be on the lookout for the flaming wild symbol as it increases their chances of winning.

The game starts getting really exciting when the four special features start to come into play. Three of these features have a respin with a special twist to them. There is also a free spin bonus that allows players to play a game on 25 mini reels.

Different colors represent the three respin symbols. They are the green, yellow and pink symbols. They activate when two respin symbols land on the first and last reel. This will trigger a respin combining both features. There are three possible outcomes when this happens.

First, there is the Big O Beam feature. Players get a respin with a 2×2 or 3×3 symbol. Next, there is the Abduction feature which gives a win multiplier up to 15x. Finally, the Alien Attack feature provides up to five sticky wild symbols. Players can also score the three spaceships to activate the free spin bonus. When this happens, a new grid appears with 25 mini reels and gives players five free spins.

Go ahead and give Visitors a few spins and see if you can score a big win.

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