How to Start Your Own Casino

How to Start Your Own Casino

Online casinos have shown themselves to be extremely lucrative over the years and here we look at what it takes to start up your very own casino business.

How Casinos Turnover So Much Money

Naturally, gambling brings in money.  Players often don’t mind losing so long as they are having fun and this is especially the case with casinos.

Casino businesses, both land-based and online, bring in more money than the film and music industries combined and the figures involved, while already mind-boggling, can continue to grow given that in the USA more and more states are legalising online gambling.

So, what do you need to do to start your own online casino?  Here we look at some of the basics:

Write a Business Plan

Essentially, starting a casino is no different in the early stages to any other start-up in that you will need to have a comprehensive business plan written.

Within this you will need to check on the legality of casinos in the territory you wish to operate in, while also making yourself fully aware of the rules and regulations set forth by the local authorities.  In the case of the UK, this would mean registering with the Gambling Commission.

Get Funding & Licences

With your business plan written, you can access funding to start up.  Many new businesses open up various funding rounds to keep the money coming in as they hit each phase; website development, research etc.  Check out to see how much money has been given by investors to similar businesses.

Even before any platform becomes live it will need to be fully licenced, so get ahead of the game and petition for a licence from the authorities during the development phase.

Integrate the Right Software

Your online casino table games and slots will be powered by specialist software developers, so make sure you pick the best out there such as NetEnt, Microgaming or PlayTech and factor this in when writing the business plan and looking for funding.

Using the best developers will mean your games are reliable and most of all fun – if they aren’t then players will simply ditch and move to another casino.

Hire the Right People

The right people, not necessarily the most expensive people.  Sitting out there right now are passionate, fully capable developers, marketers and accountants just itching to be involved in a business like this.

Check freelance platforms for people with great feedback who would perhaps prefer to work permanently for a new casino start-up.

These people should be interesting in the online gaming or gambling world too, as that passion cannot be replicated.  Your people should know what makes casino players tick but you should also plan to implement great training plans to keep them motivated and knowledgeable.

Get the Word Out There

This is a potentially very lucrative business for you if you have the guts to start it up, but it will be lost in the sea of online casinos, bookmakers and games if you aren’t smart in publicising your venture.

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