Three Players Scoop €90million Eurojackpot Prize

Three Players Scoop €90million Eurojackpot Prize

Eurojackpot players from central Europe have taken a share of an incredible €90million jackpot prize. Two people from Germany and one from Hungary shared the main prize between them, while there was a total of more than two million players who got shares of the prize fund in all.

More than 41million people entered the Eurojackpot draw overall meaning almost 5% received a return, the lucky three players taking the lion’s share of the money with winning numbers 3, 12, 24, 37, 38 and the lucky Euro numbers 3 &7 to scoop €30,000,000 each.

Maximum Eurojackpot Wins

Matching every number to take their share of the €90million was incredibly lucky of the three jackpot winners, something that has most lottery players around the world watching on in absolute envy!

Organisers of the lottery announced very quickly that two of the three winning tickets had been claimed in Germany, one of them in Hesse and the other in Bavaria to be more precise, while the other one was sold in Hungary with further details yet to emerge.

It is yet to be known whether or not any of the three lucky jackpot winners wish to go public or remain anonymous, however Eurojackpot’s chairman Andreas Kötter was quick to congratulate all of those involved, adding upon announcing the huge wins that he believes this is what a golden autumn looks like, words we certainly can’t disagree with.

More Millionaires Created After Jackpot Reaches Its Limit

The Eurojackpot is unique in that, while the main prize is still rather staggering, it is capped at the €90million mark and unlike other organisations which allow rollover after rollover, this one allows the extra cash to trickle down to the so-called lesser prize winners.

This time around that meant the second prize draw being worth a whopping €23million, something players can grab a share of should they achieve the Match 5 + 1, i.e. five of the main numbers and one of the two Euro numbers.

The innovation of adding extra money to the Match 5 + 1 pot after the maximum has been reached on the jackpot this time led to eight different ticket holders each becoming overnight millionaires too, receiving a timely €2.9million per ticket.

Of these winners, another four were from Germany, two are from Finland and there was one each reported from Italy and Denmark.

While these sums are huge, although not completely surprising considering the amount of countries involved, the maximum Eurojackpot has actually now been won a total of nine times since the initiative launched back in 2012, in fact no less than three times this year.

Back in May players from Poland and, you guessed it, Germany, shared another €90million while in August the same sum went to a syndicate of players from Finland.

Euro Combined Lotteries the Way to Go

It remains to be seen what lotteries outside of the Camelot driven National Lottery players from Britain can or will take part in following Brexit next year but one thing is for certain – they won’t want to miss out on prizes like this we’re sure!

Vast sums are being won on a regular basis by players from around the continent who wish to take part in draws bringing together numerous countries and if it’s that truly life-changing sum you’re after, Eurojackpot and the like are the ones to be involved in.

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