Gambling on Mobiles Gaining in Popularity

Gambling on Mobiles Gaining in Popularity

Going back to the turn of the millennium, despite a rise in the number of online casinos and the advent of betting exchanges such as Betfair, we could never have guessed that gambling on the move would become as popular as it has today.

These days via the magic of smartphones we essentially carry with us thousands of casino and slot games everywhere we go, needing only an internet connection to bet wherever we happen to be.

Online Betting for All

Gone are the days of being required to attend a bricks and mortar casino in order to place bets, much less dress up to the nines to do so, with casino and slot games now very definitely for everyone even if that means betting while lying around the house in your pyjamas!

Online casinos have now overtaken land-based ones, as well as betting shops, as the most popular places for people to bet. Only a small budget is needed. No dress code is demanded. No travel is required.

Even with that, while twenty years ago the online choice was somewhat limited, there are now hundreds if not thousands of legally licenced casino choices whose presence is made possible because of modern internet speeds, smartphones and tablets.

iOS and Android Enabling Gambling on the Move

Things didn’t start as smoothly as you may think for communications companies, betting platform developers and phone makers. Smartphones, tablets and the like blew up so quickly that the casino world, even the online sector, simply wasn’t prepared.

Many readers will remember the days of games not downloading or installing due to the need for Flash. Games themselves were limited while, essentially, the boffins creating them were working furiously in the background to supply the new demand.

Now, regardless of what sort of mobile device you choose you will now find just about every type of casino table game, slot game, bingo, keno and everything else you’d find in a land-based casino. Thousands of different games exist, all playable instantly and most now offering huge jackpots and bonuses.

No Account Casinos Also on the Rise

So, with betting on the go now one of the most popular pastimes out there, something that has been effectively turbocharged during the infamous lockdown enforced by jurisdictions because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, platforms look for new ways to gain even more custom.

Online casinos are now licenced to offer gamblers the chance to play without registering an account. Using Bank ID or simple one-off deposits via debit cards, players are verified directly by their bank making their casino experience much quicker and easier.

This latest explosion in how people play via mobile could well take off even more in the UK than in other territories, owing to the country’s credit card ban. An all-out ban on using credit cards for gambling purposes was banned in the UK this year and as such, those who can afford to gamble will need to do so via a debit card meaning their bank can indeed verify their identity.

As well as offering quick and easy access to games and instant deposits, such online casinos now can offer super-fast withdrawals to as without accounts they have no vested interest in holding onto a player’s identity, nor their cash.

Mobile gaming overall then is simply huge right now and the choice of account, platform, game and deposit method (as well as phone) is endless. Long may it continue.

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