Lottery Licence Timetable Updated

Lottery Licence Timetable Updated

As the battle to become the next licence holder for the National Lottery trundles on languidly, the Gambling Commission in Great Britain has decided to extend the timeline for Phase Two of the process.

The competition for the fourth National Lottery licence has seen applications from various applicants. The next phase has been updated after representations from said applicants and experience gained from Phase One.

Six More Months Added to Current Licence

With Phase Two of the timeline now amended, four more weeks will be added to the application stage. As well as this, another six weeks have been put aside for evaluation of the candidates during what is a turgid and seemingly unnecessarily slow-moving process.

According to the Gambling Commission, the latest changes to the licence process will allow applicants to amend further and refine their individual proposals. From there, the Commission will evaluate and move to the next stage.

To allow the latest changes and to ensure a flawless transition, the Commission has decided to extend the current third National Lottery licence by six months in total, a licence of course held from the inception of the Lottery in 1994 by Camelot.

The fourth National Lottery licence is due to begin officially in February of 2024, some 30 years after the first was granted.

Next Licence Holder Not Set Run Lottery Until 2024

While the next National Lottery licence holder will be able to take the reigns in 2024, the preferred applicant should be announced by February 2022 should there be no further delays to the next phase of the process.

Given the protracted way this process has been handled thus far, with further complications added by the coronavirus situation, there is no guarantee that the current extended timeline will be adhered to.

The Gambling Commission has said via a press release on their website that all dates are indicative, and they may change in line with any market feedback received. As the effect of COVID-19 continues to be understood within the industry nationally and internationally, the Commission is keeping all dates under review before further announcements are made.

For their part, the Commission has said that it sees its job as the regulatory body to run the National Lottery licence competition in the best way it possibly can. They say this includes being open and fair with results-producing the best outcome both for players and good causes to which the Lottery gives millions each year.

During the process, the Commission wants to find an appointee that can build on the Lottery’s already strong legacy as well as produce new opportunities for the competition to provide a successful and sustainable future.

The Commission is said to have been encouraged by the number of applications so far received for the new licence, with Phase Two of the process set to be part of a robust process.

Gambling Harm Prevention Should Be Major Factor

Given that casino, slots, and bingo players are often given a bad reputation for being compulsive gamblers; it’s crucial that after rightful criticism of the Lottery in the past, the new licence holder should concentrate on this angle every bit as much as on good causes.

In 2020, Camelot made a record £8.4 billion in sales from what was called by some groups “addictive games” during the lockdown.

To preserve the legacy of the Lottery, something the Gambling Commission has discussed, it would perhaps be appropriate for them to place a ban on buying lottery tickets and scratchcards with credit cards, as has been the case with online casino games and sports betting accounts.

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