The Top 5 HTML-Based Games to Play on a Browser

The Top 5 HTML-Based Games to Play on a Browser

If what you’ve been craving for is a game you can play online right now without having to download anything, then we have the ideal list for you!

Our list is what we consider to be the top five HTML-based games in terms of providing a smooth and satisfactory gaming experience.

The fact they make it into this list means that you can play them on any smartphone or tablet, bearing in mind that those that are Flash-based will not work on iOS.

Jumper Frog

As well as being available on any device, Jumper Frog simply takes us back in time, and so that sort of reminiscence gets us all a bit tingly!

What you’ll find now is an up-to-date version of the classic old game Frogger, one in which players have to help frogs get home while at the same time avoiding various obstacles as they go.

Levels in Jumper Frog include helping the frog to cross crocodile-infested rivers and get over busy roads safely.  As simple as it is, you can simply spend hours playing this game, and you can do that wherever, whenever and on whatever medium you want.

Cookie Clicker

Well, we said Jumper Frog was simple, but this one takes the, erm, cookie!  Cookie Clicker, by Orteil, really is about as easy a game to play as you could ever want, and its title is the most appropriate you’ll find.

In this game, every time you click, you get a cookie.  That’s it.  Your task is to rack up as many cookies as you can.  The more you get, the more bonuses you can purchase to increase your cookie production further.

One of the bonuses involves the player receiving grannies to help with the baking!  Really fun and harmless stuff.

Nothing to Hide

A very prevalent and modern theme this time; how electronic surveillance has permeated our societies and how we must observe the digital footprints we leave behind everywhere.

Nothing to Hide then is essentially an anti-stealth game, one in which you must steer your way through each level while always being mindful of what others are seeing.

Gods will be Watching

The developers of this game, Spanish outfit Deconstructeam, have put this game out there as one that is a purposefully minimalistic, point-and-click thriller.

It is based on commitment, despair, and sacrifice as the player must face narrative puzzles and moral dilemmas affecting the lives of your team and also those you have sworn to protect.

If such point-and-click adventures then are up to your street, Gods Will Be Watching is definitely for you.  The tension is palpable, the game-play is simple but good, and so all in all, it ranks high on our list given that you get instant access and can play on any device at all.

Any Slot Games

If you want to play for bigger money, any of the modern slot games with one bookmaker/casino or another will be available to play instantly.

There are plenty of slot games, specifically HTML5 based, which run well and look fantastic, and they are very easy to Google, so get searching before you commit to a certain betting company.

As well as slot games, you’ll, of course, be able to play poker, blackjack, roulette, and other classic table games.

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