Apply for a Personal Licence Service Launched by Commission

Apply for a Personal Licence Service Launched by Commission

The Gambling Commission in Great Britain has launched an all-new licensing service which it hopes will tie together applications for personal licences and make things quicker for applicants.

New Service to Speed Things Up

The new service called Apply for a Personal Licence, has been introduced by the Commission to bring together all personal licence applications, i.e., PML and PFL, as well as all Annex A approvals.

It is hoped that applying for a Personal Licence will build on the governing body’s commitment to continuous improvement in the industry, not least in the way that it regulates in terms of making things faster for those looking to apply for personal licences and Annex A approval from the regulator.

The all-new service is to be supported by an updated processing tool that will allow applications to be processed in a timelier fashion while also offering regular updates to applicants on their progress.

The Gambling Commission’s current executive director, Helen Venn, spoke out about the new initiative and pointed out the benefits of the new service.

The Commission, says Venn, is pleased to be able to continue to automate more of its licensing services. The regulator aims to make it easier for people to apply and speed up the process as it goes along.

The Apply for a Personal Licence is thought to be a great example of how positive outcomes can be delivered for users. Collaboration between the Commission’s digital and licensing teams is crucial throughout.

Personal Licensing at the Gambling Commission

Known as a PML, a Personal Management Licence is something you need to hold when planning to be responsible for certain activities within a licenced gambling operator, such as:

  • Strategy and delivery of gambling operations
  • Financial control, planning, or budgeting
  • Commercial and marketing development
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Gambling-related security and IT provision
  • Management of licenced activity
  • Management of a single bingo or casino premises

This is done to ensure that any person in charge of such activities knows the industry, keeps themselves and their company within the bounds of the law and protects customers and the industry overall.

Potential PML holders need only apply once, no matter how many of the above tasks they may be in charge of, with the fee currently set online at £370 for the licence.

In the past, operators have voiced frustration at having employed a competent person to manage certain aspects of the gambling business, only for the talent to be held up while licensing checks and approval are given.

The all-new Apply for a Personal Licence service should automate and speed things up markedly in this regard is considered a very positive move by those within the industry.

PFL Included in New Service

As well as a PML, certain personnel in the industry have to apply for a PFL or Personal Function Licence.

A PFL is needed by anyone who performs a function enabling to influence the outcome of a gambling event or receives money in connection with gambling.

Potential licensees are scrutinised in terms of finances, integrity, identity, competence, and of course, criminality too.

However, the fact that the old PFL and PML application functions are now under the Apply for a Personal Licence automated umbrella helps the industry identify those not suitable quickly and give speedy approval to those who are in need.

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