GamCare Wants to Introduce Universal Treatment

GamCare Wants to Introduce Universal Treatment

British-based gambling awareness charity GamCare has sent out its latest three-year strategy. They are looking to offer universal access to treatment and support for those affected by gambling-related harm.

The new strategy covers 2021 through 2024 and has highlighted four particular ambitions to work to during the period.

Goals of the New Strategy

GamCare’s new strategy includes making sure that gambling-related harm is more widely recognised across the country.

To help with this, the charity is set to increase awareness surrounding gambling harms to help more people look for support and treatment. GamCare will identify any need for people in this situation to understand what help is available while also training more people to deliver said support.

In a very positive move, GamCare is also not relying on what it believes is a solid reputation. The charity is seeking to work to ensure it too is trusted, that people value its work in supporting roles, including within staff development.

To help in that regard, the charity will share data that supports learning within the gambling sector, continuing processes that guarantee quality and performance while also building more partnerships to support its goals.

Universal Access to Care

During the next three crucial years of its existence, GamCare will continue its current strategy of ensuring universal access to the support and tools needed by people to avoid, or treat, gambling-related harm.

As well as all this, GamCare is now targeting universal access to further treatments – evidence-led and integrated care for people suffering from gambling problems as well as existing support systems.

To achieve this, there is a need for GamCare now to expand treatment in all areas of the country. Integrated treatment pathways are crucial to offering a perfect experience to those who need care while championing new treatments to support more and more people in the future.

In other words, GamCare says that it wants to “put gambling harms on the map” and do its bit to make sure more people in and out of the sector know and understand about them.

New Strategy Building on Past Success

While the new strategy covers the three years coming up, it is said by GamCare to be simply building on the achievements of the last three years, during which it has helped over 100,000 people afflicted by problem gambling. It has managed this via its online chat rooms, treatment services, and helpline.

Treatment and training services already exist within the scope of GamCare, which they are now stepping up across Britain. The organisation can now deliver treatment provisions at 161 places across the country, training more than 23,000 professional people to identify issues and support people affected.

More on the ‘How’

Listing goals in a strategy is one thing, but GamCare has also been speaking about delivering its success.

The organisation has said it plans to invest more into and expand its vast range of services to make more lasting changes for end-users. They also plan to ensure they can successfully navigate any changes brought about by the Gambling Act Review.

They plan to increase work in collaboration with all stakeholders to reduce harm, following on from the date released showing that more than 70% of under-18’s who contacted the National Gambling Helpline in the past three years did so because they had a problem with gambling.

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