UK Casinos to Reopen on July 4th

UK Casinos to Reopen on July 4th

While the online casino and gaming industry has absolutely flourished during lockdown following the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, the UK’s land-based casinos can soon welcome back customers too. From Saturday July 4, every bricks and mortar casino in Britain can reopen having been told to close from March 23.

Government’s Third Phase Ready to Kick In

The UK government confirmed back in May that as part of Phase 3 in their quest to get the country out of lockdown and boost the flailing economy, hospitality and leisure facilities will be allowed to open their doors once again from July 4.

Having attempted to stem the flow of people congregating in one place, restrictions were brought in to tackle coronavirus and while some businesses have been allowed to reopen on July 1, followed by more ‘non-essential’ ones on July 15, those in this sector which includes casinos can get their shot too.

The country-wide shutdown has of course damaged casino businesses, and it remains to be seen whether or not those now turned onto the online casino and gaming world will in future stick with that rather than re-enter land-based venues, however the re-start date for such businesses cannot come quick enough.

Operators Ready and Raring to Go

Owners of some of Britain’s biggest casinos and gaming chains have moved to say publicly that they are fully prepared and ready to reopen for business as soon as they are officially given the go-ahead, Saturday July 4th still being the date mooted.

While casinos and other leisure facilities it seems will be allowed to once again operate, they will need to do so while following strict hygiene and social distancing protocols which will need to be in place to ensure the safety of not just customers, but staff at the venues also.

Michael Dugher, the chief executive of the British Gaming Council, has spoken out to say that he believes nothing is more important to this sector that safety for customers and staff.

The BGC boss states that individual casino operators have been working round the clock to make sure that when they are given the green light to resume, every measure possible will be taken to ensure that the health and safety of everyone involved is not compromised.

To achieve this, hand sanitisers and PPE will be available to everyone, something that simply means operators are staying in line with the government’s latest social distancing rules.

While some people have commented via social media that they will take their own personal decision not to yet re-enter a pub, leisure centre or indeed a casino, the BGC’s Dugher says that casinos make a very significant contribution to the economy via employment and tax and so it is crucial that they are allowed to resume soon.

Casinos are known to have played a huge rule within the leisure and tourism industries of the UK not just in the greater countrywide effort to tackle COVID-19, mostly by agreeing to close back in March, but also via their work and support for local communities.

Casino operators have made available food from their on-site kitchens for local people as well as making the use of their venues available too.

With some goodwill having been achieved and with many, despite the potential dangers, itching to get back to their hobbies, casinos from July 4 should see a significant immediate boost to their revenue.

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